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What a summer... and what a Contest! When the Selection Committee got together in early April we were pretty sure it'd end up being a good time, but we could never have guessed what an overwhelming success this crazy idea would turn out to be. In all, a full 67 of the 68 contestants made a comeback of some kind over the summer, whether through casting a vote or posting on the boards. The best result, however, was the increased activity and sense of community that was created, both on the boards and in the Chatroom. When it was all said and done, SnapDragon and Ngamer reigned supreme, with Bryan Bosshardt and Stephen Chan picking up championships in the side contests.

Feel free to take the links above and relive the Summer of 2003 for yourself. Also, you may want to see how this main page looked during the 65 days of competition. Take some time to relive the memories, and enjoy the look back!