The Far Side
1. Ngamer

Ngamer64, Jon Barber
GoldenEye Rank: 118 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 69

{His Version} Whoar of the elite. May of 1999 saw the birth of Jon Barber's GoldenEye competition days, and the simultaneous birth of a Living Legend. He was the first player in the PDE to ever put a times page online way back when. Besides essentially BIRTHING and nurturing the elite since Day 1, the big N has also tasted his fair share of success in the games. Peaking at 3rd place in points and 2nd in time in Perfect Dark (something very few people can claim), while managing a respectable 25th in GoldenEye, Barbie's talents cannot be overlooked. Easily the most dedicated, hardest working member of the Elite you'll ever find. Anywhere. Period. He does it all, nonstop. The big N has run the POM contest every month for... frickin'-a-while, dude... which is just one of the L337 things he maintains on the self-run history page, which also includes the Rare Rankings, The Greatest Topics of All-time, and many other things worth a responsible citizen of t-e.n's time. Programmed The Elite Quoter, the first and only video game based solely on our video gaming community (Whoda thunkit!) Also a member of the tag-team tandem with Youse who brought the controversial l337h4x0r scandal that rocked the Elite this April 1. Never one to show age, N is also a founding father of the NGC-Elites, showing he can hang with the new generation too. His involvement in the Summer Contest this year has also been incredible, typing up bios, making posts, and tallying votes nightly. The amount of lives this man has touched is of borderline-evangelical-speaker magnitude. A vote for Ngamer is a vote for the concrete foundation of the Elite itself, and a vote for a man whose tireless efforts have made the community the thousand-member beast it is today. Everyone else is NLamer! Huzzah! P.S. Ngamer coined the term "Whoarding" ::: P.P.S. (Don't believe these lies)
(Bio by Youse.)

16. Comeasur

Comeasur, Steve Bryze
GoldenEye Rank: 102 ::

{His Version} Comeasurus, the *RAWR*inator. First appearing in the Elite Chatroom just over a month ago, this newbie has already managed to make a major mark on The Elite. Firstly by allowing Ngamer to refer to him as "Comeasurus", then by becoming the only person who Ngamer's ever given a custom title to instantly, then by being named the Coolest Newbie of the Year, and finally by coming up with the idea for an Elite Summer Contest (and by a having a major role in its Selection Committee). Quite a first month, and he has kept going strong since then, but now in the world of Goldeneye, where he recently achieved his 3rd(!) World Record. On a personal note, he loves legitimate theatre, and is addicted to Mountain Dew. (I think we all know what that means! *wink wink*)

(Erm... he's into plays, and caffeine.)

16. Perfectdie

Perfectdie, Andy Davis
:: Perfect Dark Rank: REMOVED

Hates Ten Pages of You. Without a doubt, the most infamous man in Elite history. Always at odds with the community at large for both a lack of PD proof and his annoying postings, his eventual removal from both the boards and the rankings in January of 2001 proved to be one of the all-time highlights in our history. Not because of his final, horrible post itself, nor even because he was finally gone for good (though that was certainly a big plus)... what was really special was the aftermath, in which he was serenaded by Ngamer and Mr. Food in a truly classic reworking of Don McLean's American Pie. I think the chorus said it best:

So bye, bye, Mr. Perfect Die.
You're an asshole, you're a moron,
and we wish you would fry.

8. Breck

Breck Fressen, Breckish
GoldenEye Rank: 111 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 170

{His Version} Master of OverCash. Breck is one of those guys who made it into the Contest (and with a more than decent seeding, as well) not because of great gaming talent, but rather because of his many useful contributions to the Elite. Yes, Breck may have only reached 120th in PD and 75 in GE during his career (though he did have some good multi success, including being one of only a handful to beat 4-player Challenge 30 with a single friend) has contributed more than anyone else in the department that really counts around these parts: videos. Just shortly after the final death of BDG's useful but problem-plagued movie server 2 years ago, Breck stepped onto the scene. He first attempted to solve the problem by linking to vids thrown up at odd places all over the 'net, but gave up when they kept going down. So he went to work on getting them all hosted himself, and by the time t-e.n hit its stride he and Derek had combined to get over 500 movies online. For over a year we experienced the fastest, most reliable downloads ever seen... until Overcash himself (the actual man) came down with mono and could no longer keep running the server. We keep our fingers crossed for the day the movies come back up... Until that time, say "thanks" to the man who made it all possible, with a vote.

9. Bizichyld

Bizichyld, Dan Wendt
GoldenEye Rank: 83 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 31

{His Version} The Martha Stewart of The Elite. Winner of the highly-coveted "how do you spell that, again?" nickname award for 2002, this skilled gamer has indeed been a phonetically correct 'busy child' over the past year and a half. He made an impressive and consistent rise through the rankings during most of last year, finally capping it all off in 26th place... and with an untied WR all to his own, in 1:22 AF1 SA. Even better, he was quick to prove himself with a tape sent off to Ngamer. These days you can find him attempting to do the same thing in the world of Goldeneye, where he is competing well as a member of The Elite Chatter's Rivalry. Speaking of which, he is a regular in the Chatroom, as well as an active and well-respected poster on the message boards. There he is probably most famous for the fantastic cakes he has recently begun baking for each member of the community on their birthdays. The number of candles may not always be dead-on, but its the thought that counts, right? Perhaps you should be thinking of Bizi in return... to the tune of a few votes! ...erm, no, wait, make that one. Just one.

5. Phil Hughes

Phil Hughes, Dark Avenger
GoldenEye Rank: 133 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 4

Best PALer on the Planet. Though he may no longer be seated atop the PD Elite throne, Phil still takes great pride in the fact that no one in the Elite has been able to accomplish more with one single system than himself. (Except, possibly, for Shade, with his recent improvements... but let's focus on PAL for now.) And with good reason, as Phil's hard play throughout most of '01 and '02 allowed him to snap not only Paragon's 20 month stranglehold on the time championship... he was also able to pull ahead of Gorman in total points, despite being up against a significant PAL disadvantage! Yes, Phil has accomplished quite a lot in his two years in the Elite. But he also happens to be one of our more famous members outside of just our league as well, as Phil won himself the title of Best Nintendo Player in England just a few years back, in a national competition held by N64 magazine. (He beat hundreds of highly talented gamers to do it... including his competitor in his very first match, Carnski!) Though he hasn't been back to PD during this year, he has continued gaming actively, on the GameCube. A vote for DA is a vote for not only the 4th Time Champion, not only the PAL master, but also one of the most dedicated players the Elite ever saw.

12. Carnski

Carnski, Gary Garney
GoldenEye Rank: REMOVED :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 8

The Other PALer. In many ways, Carnski has spent his entire career trying to fight his way out of Phil's shadow. Carney was actually the first into the Elite, making what was at that time the 2nd most impressive debut ever, at 8th in points and 5th in time. But then along came his old friend and competitor Mr. Hughes just a few months later, to enter the ranks even higher, and soon pass him by for the PAL title. Carney certainly didn't give up, trailing closely behind while setting some very nice records of his own (it was his WRs that pushed the Elite below both the 1:46 and the 1:42 total time marks). However, a little ways into the year 2002, he finally DID find something he could out-do DA at: Goldeneye. But he didn't just stop there, he practically outplayed the entire league, quickly rising all the way into 4th(!) place at his peak. By the end he had completely burned himself out on GE... but had gotten SO good SO fast, that proof had be be required. He chose the retirement route, but we still hope for the day he sends off a tape and reclaims that spot right near the top of the Rare rankings. Vote Carnski.

4. Wes McKinney

Wes McKinney
GoldenEye Rank: 33 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 91

Godfather of the GE Elite. Though it was not Wes himself who started the earliest version of the World Goldeneye Rankings, he did take control of the rankings all the way back in 1998, and updated them (completely on his own... and completely by hand, if you can believe it) all the way until 2001. And he was no slouch at the game itself, either, becoming the younger (he climbed all the way into 2nd place, as a 13 year old) counterpart to the great Sterling Neblett for over two years, before Wouter's arrival. He has withdrawn himself from the Elite in the past two years to throw himself into his studies, and it has really paid off, as Wes will be attending the highly prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology this September. Vote legend! Vote Wes!

To Be Extended.

13. Wabs

Wabs, Fabien Malaval
GoldenEye Rank: 72 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 25

{His Version} The French Connection. Despite not being an official member of the t-e.n staff or a moderator, Wabs has managed to contribute more to the Elite than nearly anyone. In terms of getting new members to join, at the very least, I don't believe anyone can touch him. Yes, it was Wabs who started the highly-successful French Elite, getting nearly one hundred players from his country involved, most of whom ended up joining the World Elite soon afterwards. But he has also helped make useful advances in other areas, such as his invention of the door trick in CI Defense. He's had quite a few other PD accomplishments, including being only the 4th man into the 4 Minute Club, and hitting his peak just a tad out of the Top Ten, in 11th place. Since going inactive last year, Wabs has kept himself busy as a moderator over at NGC-Elites (where he's a very good TS2 player, as well). Wabs would make an excellent vote choice.

To Be Extended.

6. Shade

Shade, Jean-François Dubreuil
GoldenEye Rank: 58 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 85

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11. DarkHawk

DarkHawk, Andy Day
GoldenEye Rank: 112 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 24

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3. ExpertGamer

ExpertGamer, Chris Rayola
GoldenEye Rank: 27 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 7

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14. Ben Southward

Ben Southward, Humma
GoldenEye Rank: 25 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 68

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7. PDO

DarkOne, Brian King
:: Perfect Dark Rank: 38

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10. Dirk Olsen

Dirk Olsen, PerfectDarklich
GoldenEye Rank: 20 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 27

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2. captZEEbo

captZEEbo, Greg Lavery
GoldenEye Rank: 13 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 15

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15. Fro

Fro, Frode Klow
GoldenEye Rank: 147 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 103

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