The Dark Side
1. Derek Clark

Derek Clark
GoldenEye Rank: 9 ::

{Matt's Version} The Master of t-e.n. In the 2 and a half years since joining the GEE, Derek has grown to mean more to the Elite than pretty much anybody. He began his career as that rarest of newbs... talented, intelligent, and able to provide proof for all his best times. His early claim to fame was the creation of his fantastic Goldeneye WRs page, but he was soon making a name for himself in the rankings, as well. In the early days of Summer '01, he first shocked the world with his Statue sweep, then improved upon it by untying the old 00 record. He reached the Top Ten by the time the year was out, then began a big whoard which was not unleashed until the legendary Illinois 2003 meeting, after which he exploded all the way to 4th place in the world. He has not been very active since, yet still holds a spot in the Top Ten. However, Derek's greatest contribution to the Elite was undoubtedly his purchase of our very own domain (at, get this: ""!) in March of last year. Without a doubt, we would not be the community we are today had Clark not presented us with this great gift (and a gift it certainly is... despite numerous attempts to collect donations, he continues to bear the financial burden of the site completely on his own). Oh, and he's also been known to be charming, witty, and impossible to dislike. I trust you know how to vote...

16. Fal

Fal, Ian Fallens
GoldenEye Rank: 176 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 143

{His Version} Not Exactly An Australia-Lover. Fal got into the PDE back in December of 2001, and... that was about his career highlight. He never did crack the top 100, but he DID manage to make a name for himself on the boards, where even as a complete newb he proved willing to pick a fight with anyone. Especially, as it turned out, Karl Jobst. Soon all of Team Australia was against him, and the Fal VS Aussie battles raged on and on, in nearly every topic you saw. Things have since mellowed between the two sides, but who knows if it will last. Also, he's from England, and he likes English stuff. And that about does it.

16. Plum

Plum, Paul Plumridge
:: Perfect Dark Rank: REMOVED

{His Version} If Animal, Would Be Lion. Plum holds the rather dubious distinction of being the only man in history to pull the "Elite Triple-header." That is, get kicked out of both the Perfect Dark Elite, AND the Goldeneye Elite, AND the TS2 Elite. On the plus side, he usually manages to accomplish some pretty good things before being removed... he was one of the first champions in TimeSplitters 2, for instance, and was even the first to get proof videos online. But, as before, he gave into the temptation of posting a fake time, was discovered, and was removed. Some other things: he's really active on the boards, spends all his time with his fiancé, and loves to eat cheese! (At least one of those is probably true. ...hey, that'd give me 33% more accuracy than Plum!) Oh, and he's British, and therefore enjoys "snooking," which I believe is a term for "trying to pick up hookers while snorkeling". ...possibly.

8. DarkLight

DarkLight, Steve Foy
GoldenEye Rank: 23 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 16

Foy. DL entered the Elite with some very good times... so good, in fact, that he was the first man ever to be required to provide video proof before being added. But send it he did, and DL soon became one of PD's top players. In fact, during Paragon's first big whoard, it was widely thought that DarkLight would be the man to grab the championship away from his during his inactivity... before Disco came in and blew everyone them both away. Yeah, he did great things in PD, then moved on and duplicated them in GE. Of special note are his still-amazing times in Caverns and Jungle (00, that is). Since going inactive in the Elite's he's done some good stuff on the GameCube, and some other stuff. He even recently made a nice little comeback for both games. Vote DL!

* note - to be re-written *

9. Stephen Chan

Stephen Chan, yoshifan
GoldenEye Rank: 28 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 109

{His Version} Chan. Chan has accomplished some real good things in GE over his career, including getting a great :26 Bunker 2 A, to go along with his (at one time) 5 WRs. PD was not as memorable, with the exception of his impressive 1:31 CI SA, which he was 3rd person to ever achieve (it actually made him the first player outside the Top 100 with a non-Duel/Defection WR. ...maybe). But he saved his best for the 3rd of the Elite's FPS triangle, TS2, where he's one of the top 5 players on the planet. Outside of gaming, you'll spot Chan in The Elite Chatroom more than anyone else around (barring Ngamer), and he was thus one of the 6 members of the Selection Committee to create this Contest you're reading about. Oh, and we can't forget the fact that he's by far the youngest guy in this field of 68... in fact, he's only a month away from being the youngest in the entire Elite! Make Chan your vote, today!

* note - to be re-written *

5. Steven Zwartjes

Steven Zwartjes
GoldenEye Rank: 29 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 98

Nintendo Legend. A few years back, Zwartjes would have been a near unanimous choice had you asked people to name the best Nintendo player on the planet. Though everyone may not longer agree to that sentiment today, you could still put together a very good case for it. Steven was the original Goldeneye champion when the rankings were first created (all the way back in the pre-Wes era), and has continued to make comebacks through the past 6 years in order to maintain a good rank, as well as hold onto some insane WRs (ie his amazing, and controversial, Aztec times). He was also one of the first 20 members of the PDE, where he did very well to start before loosing interest in the game and slipping down the charts. But he as accomplished so much elsewhere, as well: he was the long-time champion of MK64 (now 4th), former champ of Star Fox 64 (2nd), PAL Wave Race king, and a bunch more, I'm sure. He's also competed well in Yoshi's Story, DK64, Ocarina, etc all. Plus, he won several Holland national championship N64 tournaments back in the day. A vote for Zwartjes is a vote for the oldest of the old-school, a true Nintendo legend, AND the guy with the coolest name ever.

12. Peter Osterland

Petra Otterland
GoldenEye Rank: 14 ::

{His Version} Posterland. Until further notice, mass pranking has forced the removal of this bio. Please leave Pete alone, Dukies, he has a very fragile ego!

4. Matthijs ten Ham

Matthijs ten Ham
GoldenEye Rank: 4 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 91

{His Version} The Flying Dutchman. Matthijs has accomplished plenty in his 3 year Goldeneye career, yet despite all his gaming success he is still best known for being just so incredibly darn likeable. As in, every single person who has started a conversation with the man reports having become his good friend by the time the convo was over. This was probably best expressed after his terrible knee injury at the end of 2002, when the outpouring of good luck wishes on the boards was just tremendous. And he's much more than a great guy... he's also one of the true Pillars of The Elite, having taken over GE news updating on, where he currently serves as our top European Proof Mod. Right now, you can find him in 4th place at Goldeneye, battling his way towards a hopeful 3rd sometime soon. He's set some great untied WRs in the past, including those in Egypt A, Silo A, and even Aztec SA (well... almost). And he got off to a great start in PD as well, where he joined pretty early and did some impressive stuff (like an early WR of 1:16 Villa A) before heading back to GE. So in the end, you have to ask yourself... with those amazing gaming skills, and an even better attitude, how could you NOT vote Matthijs all the way? (Oh, and also, best gamer pic in the entire contest. By far.)

13. Harvey Manhood

Harvey Manhood
GoldenEye Rank: 10 ::

{His Version} (not the) Worst. GE player. Ever. The Man some call "Hood" has been GEing it up since back in Oct of '00, when he debuted impressively in 19th place. He's been playing hard and climbing the rankings every summer and winter break since then (though he's generally backslid during the school year). However, he's been making great improvements for the last few months now, pushing himself all the way into Top Ten territory on the strength of such times as his :26 - :45 - :53 in Depot. Outside of GE, Harv is probably best known for posting on the boards over the past few months. Alot. As in, more than anyone has ever done. But, he's been working on cutting back on the spam/useless stuff lately, and seems to be doing a pretty good job of it. He loves to talk about stuff like his weird taste in music, how much he hates showering, Comic Book Guy, and how you should vote for him. So, in summary, he's good at GE, and one of the most active members of both the Board and the Chat. Casting a vote at him just makes sense.

6. Adam Moore

Adam Moore, Amoore
GoldenEye Rank: 5 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 77

{His Version} estamos en Amoore con tú. Moore is one of those guys who really shows how hard work will pay off in the end. He became a member of the Goldeneye community back in the summer of '00, during the waning days of Wes' reign as updater. Since then he has been consistently making slow and steady improvements, continuing to climb higher and higher on the rankings. That was, until the start of this year, when he seemed to kick his game into the next gear and really exploded to the top of the charts... he even managed to pull ahead of his friend Karl to become the best GE player in Australia, and 4th overall on the planet. And he's managed to set some truly impressive times along the way, as well, including 1:16 Frigate 00, :48 Facility A, :52 Depot, and some great times in the Jungle. And don't even get me started on License to Kill, where Moore is the champ in both points AND time. He also made an attempt at PD, though that wasn't nearly as successful... In addition, he's a real good guy, so, vote for him! ...or else.

11. ShadowZero

ShadowZero, Jim Söderlund
GoldenEye Rank: 75 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 29

{His Version} The Swedish Shadow. SZ's biggest gaming accomplishments have come outside of the Elites, over in the land of TS2. It was there that he became the game's first truly dominant champion, holding onto the first place position for quite a while, while grabbing as many as 33 of the 71 possible World Records at one point. He is still highly ranked there today, and has helped out the community considerably by creating video proof for many of his best times. But that's not to say that he didn't do good things in the Rare games, as well. In fact, he was one of PD's early PAL leaders, climbing the rankings all the way up to the 13th position at his peak. He also set the extremely impressive for its time untied WR of :48 War SA a while back. Yes, you really couldn't go wrong casting a vote for this talented Swede.

3. Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes, SamSim
GoldenEye Rank: 146 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 70

{His Version} Nobody Does It Better. The preceding may have began life as a Radiohead song/suggested Elite motto, but I now believe it would be best put to use in describing this man himself. That is, if by "it" I meant "contributing mightily to the Elite community as a whole". And, as luck would have it, I do. Yes, Sam was not one of the PDE's earliest members, nor did he ever set the world rankings aflame (though he certainly accomplished some good things in his gaming career, including his famous :27 War A and his 3:01 Invest PA). Why, the high seed, then? Because there are few anywhere who have worked harder to make the Elite a better place. It began early with Defection for Dummies, then continued with The Shortcut, then came a million other things, right up until his most recent in PD: The Movie. But that's not all... Sam is one of the real bright spots on the boards as well, always making good suggestions and giving n00bs a break... and doing it all with the most "godly grammar" many have ever seen! Oh, and did I mention he runs a great webcomic? So in summary... you there! Vote Sam!

14. Lanky

Lanky007, Arun Matharoo
GoldenEye Rank: 126 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 80

Official Elite Chessmaster. Lanky has been with us almost since the very beginning, as about the 50th man into the Perfect Dark Elite. He took an early liking to the newly-created General Chat board upon his arrival, becoming one of the first to post regularly there. PD-wise, he slowly but surely worked his way up the rankings throughout his first few months in the league. It was then that he introduced something the Elite had never seen before... a "rivalry page"! Yes, his Chomping Chimps were the first rivalry in Elite history... hard to believe, as you can't scroll through more than a couple topics without hearing about one these days. CC helped launch many of its members to the top of the ranks, but in the end Lanky was happy to focus his attention mostly on one level: Investigation. His 1:30 A still stands as the WR there, actually. Since going inactive, Lanky has been concentrating much of his time on chess, which he has now become nearly unbeatable at. He's also remained quite active on the boards throughout the years. Plus, he's a key member of Team Wisconsin. (Go WI!) So cast a vote for the Lankster, eh?

7. DMan

DMan, Simon Archambault
GoldenEye Rank: 42 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 6

Keeps on Truckin'. DMan is best known for sticking with Perfect Dark longer than anyone around. He played hard all last year, gradually climbing higher and higher up the ranks until finally hitting the very pinnacle of existence: PD's Top Three. Even more impressive, however, is how active he has stayed since then. Hardly a month has gone by in the past year in which DMan did not set or tie at least one World Record. Dedication like that deserves your respect... vote-wise.

* To Be Extended *

10. octoinky

octoinky, Phil McCanna
GoldenEye Rank: 136 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: REMOVED

Mr. 7000. Octo is best known for a bunch of things. Being one of the first 30 members of the PDE, causing just about the most uproar ever upon admitting to lying about his times, being by FAR the biggest poster in Elite history (he's already well beyond the 7000 mark, and only a handful have cracked 2000!), and, most recently, getting a video online to prove that he's without a doubt the most talented guitarist in the Elite. Eh, you know what? Make that California. And Octo vote is an old-school/GC Pioneer vote, all the way.

* To Be Extended *

2. ParagonX9

ParagonX9, Ben Gorman
GoldenEye Rank: 24 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 3

The (Original) God of Perfect Dark. The Summer of '00 was wild, with the PD champion's spot being knocked about like some sort of tetherball. The following month, however, things really solidified: we had entered Paragon Time. The funny thing was, Paragon Time wasn't just solid, it seemed actually to be set in concrete, lasting just under two entire years! Yes, he was nearly unstoppable during this time, holding down the #1 position for an incredible 558 out of a possible 583 days. (577/579 in time!) It seemed that for him, the WRs came at will... had made even the two "greatest WRs of all time" (2:51 Invest PA and 1:52 Infil PA) look somewhat easy. And strats? Don't get me started on strats... We owe the Defection glitch entirely to this man, as well as Extraction's door opening, The Duel's Pause Trick, and about a billion other things. He is also the only man in history to hold every single PA record at one time. Yes, he's done it all in PD, but his skills certainly do not end there. Despite only a few month's (weeks?) effort, he managed to accomplish great things on the other top 2 rankings pages, peaking at 7th place in Goldeneye and 43rd (Elite B) in MK64. He did make a short PD comeback before Illinois 2002, but has mainly been devoting himself over the last year and half to mastering the Half-Life mod Team Fortress Classic. And, as you'd expect, master it he has, so much so that he is now actually a key member of the third-ranked clan in all of North America. How could you not vote in support of a career like this one?

15. Keefer

Keefer, Keith MacWhirter
:: Perfect Dark Rank: 14

Not Reefer, But Close. Yup, Keefer is from Canada, but he's probably not a pothead. [See self-portrait.] Um... and he likes ICP, for some reason, I guess. In the world of PD, he took the rankings by storm last year, charging all the way into the Top Ten. On the boards, he was always a highly enjoyable wild card of a poster, right up until his sudden disappearance in October of last year (in the middle of a great start to his Pigskin Pick'em predictions). The authorities have been notified... he's currently considered missing, assumed stoned.