The East Side

1. Wouter Jansen

Wouter Jansen
GoldenEye Rank: 1 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 41

{His Version} Mr. Goldeneye. Without a doubt, the man some call "w00ter" is crazy. Firstly, he's crazy-talented. I can't even begin to describe all the stuff he's accomplished in the world of GE... he's held every WR at least once, including 52 total (23 of them untied) at one time. Also, after his recent unwhoard he found himself holding more total points than anyone since the golden age of Sterling's reign, over 3 and a half years ago. (And... there's plenty more, check His Version for the rest.) Secondly, he's crazy-dedicated. Wouter isn't one of those guys who pretends each record was achieved with only a couple minutes effort; he'll honestly admit that no one, anywhere, has put more time into the game than himself. Thirdly, he's absolutely crazy about proof, practically having more of it himself than the rest of the Elite combined! And, finally, he's just plain crazy. Like, literally nuts. He claims to have enough personalities to adjust to any situation... somehow, I doubt anyone who's had a conversation with the guy would disagree. And then there's something about being a woman? I have no idea... Well, regardless of how wacky he gets, he's the best player around and a great contributor to the Elite, so cast a vote in his direction!

16. SlayerRocket

SlayerRocket, Michael Burden
GoldenEye Rank: 91 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 23

A Perfect Dark Weapon. SRock came on the PD scene in late 2001, soon making a name for himself by becoming the biggest single-month point gainer in history. He continued the good play by grabbing two of Sucram's crazy Defection glitch WRs (if only for a short time). After being edged out for one of last summer's POMs by Karl, he faded somewhat from the Elite scene, but has now returned... with a vengeance! If by vengeance, you mean "posting somewhat regularly." Not voting for him would be so whack.

16. Mallow

:: Perfect Dark Rank: REMOVED

That Other Mallow. Two-time winner of the highly coveted "Most Likely to be Confused With Marshmallow" award, and yet, he IS NOT marshmallow. This Mallow has been following the Elite forever, since long before the birth of the PDE, but things didn't go too well once he actually joined in the fray. After attempting to prove himself using another's videos, he (and his accomplice) were removed from the Elite in one of the bigger scandals in recent history. But that didn't keep him from hanging around, as he has stayed very active on the boards throughout the years, even entering the exclusive 2000 Post Club. Most importantly, however, his first matchup takes place on his birthday... do you really have it in you to vote against the birthday boy? Eh?

8. Graham Morris

Graham Morris, Psycho
GoldenEye Rank: 8 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 50

{His Version} The King of England. Graham has had a very good 2 year career in the Elite so far, blah blah blah, Goldeneye, Psycho, etc.

9. Matt Cook

Matt Cook, Jugador
GoldenEye Rank: 56 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 12

{His Version} Master of Infiltration. Matt's been around a long, long time now (originally as DarkestMatt), and accomplished plenty in that time. He climbed the ranks quickly as a newcomer before going inactive for a long while, but has made several very nice comebacks over the past couple of years. His most recent pushed him to his highest rank yet, at 12th, just last month. This talented Australian is probably best know for having the same mentality as his good friend, a certain Mr. Jobst, in that they'll set their eye on a very difficult time and not give up until they've achieved it. Matt is so persistent, in fact, that he's even been able to beat the champ in knocking off two of PD's most legendary times. The first was what had been considered the "Greatest WR of All-Time" for most of the Elite's existence, Paragon's Investigation PA 2:51. Matt managed to snap it, and soon after set his sights on what became the new Best WR: Invest PA 1:52. His hard work paid off once again just last week, as he managed to tie the former champ of the Longest Lasting Untied WRs page. He seems to love the biggest challenges and the hardest levels, as he also accomplished some very nice thing in Cavern 00 back in the day. So, I guess I'll wrap it up by saying: vote giant killer! Vote Matt!

5. Sucram

Sucram, Marcus Dolejsi
GoldenEye Rank: 93 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 10

.ycnetsisnoC .rM If you don't get that, I pity you. Defection, good things, glitch, Perfect Dark, Alaska, Counter-Strike.

12. ChodhE

ChodhE, Claude Boucher
GoldenEye Rank: 76 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 13

The Area Between Your- nevermind.... Rescue, stuff, playing video games, etc. Junk, more info, ending sentence.

4. Sterling Neblett

Sterling Neblett, FastestDark
GoldenEye Rank: 16 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 131

The God of Goldeneye. For an incredible three year span, the name "Sterling Neblett" was synonymous with Goldeneye. After knocking original champion Steven Zwartjes from the top of the charts the two had a good back and forth battle, but in the end Sterling came out the victor. He then went on the most amazing (and by far the longest) championship reign in Elite history. For those who didn't witness it, it was kind of like what Wouter is doing right now... only significantly better. His many video proofs and WR strategy guides (for those who were able to decipher them, at least) set the groundwork for nearly all the basic strategies still being employed in the Goldeneye world today. After having his streak ended by Wouter, Sterling briefly moved on to PD, where he set some nice early records before going inactive. He has since made a few minor GE comebacks, but has mainly been devoting his time to his real passion: golf. And, as the results of Boston's Distance Challenge prove, there's seemingly nothing this man can't accomplish once he sets his mind to it.

13. Dan Dykstra

Dan Dykstra, kjller
GoldenEye Rank: 21 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 143

{His Version} From Illinois. Hey, he did some things in once of those Surfaces, and probably some other stuff, and he's from Illinois.

6. Mr. Food

Mr. Food
:: Perfect Dark Rank: REMOVED

{His Full Version} Mr. Conchatroversy. Yup, Food made up that word to describe the two qualities that have made him famous. So famous, in fact, that he was able to swing an impressive 6 seed, despite the fact that he never competed... at anything! He entered the PDE as its 18th member back in July of '00... it would be his only taste of the Top 20. Soon after, in what he now describes as "a blaze of idiocy," he held the Elite hostage with 0:00 times, and was promptly removed. Things didn't go any smoother for him on the boards back in those days, where every step he took seemed to make him a new enemy, notably: Infil and Pika (the great online love debate), MLM (that Bush/Gore ugliness), Paragon (the first religious debates), and gg (every topic, ever). He has always been one to say whatever's on his mind, but he seemed to mellow after a 5 month hiatus, coming back as the popular, cool-headed Moderator you see today. Some have even gone so far as to call him the glue that holds General Chat together. I happen to be one of those. Food has also managed to come up with two brilliant ideas in the past couple months: The 2000 Post Club (where his consistent [constant?] postings have him ranked 3rd] and The Elite Chatroom. That's where he prefers to spend most of his time these days, chatting the day away with "Ngamer and the Crew".

11. Tyler Probert

Tyler Probert, Renemesis
GoldenEye Rank: 45 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 113

{His Version} Captain Fellatio. As much as Tyler has come to represent the so-called "New School" of the GEE, he has actually been following the community for longer than almost anyone. Yes, he was one of many visitors to Wes's original GE ranks back in 98/99, though he didn't end up joining either of the pages until the end of 2000. Since then, he has set a Board legacy of his own: rude, insulting, random, provoking, cocky, n00b-bashing, always furious... and that's not to mention the near-constant derogatory comments about your mother. Probably the best way to describe it would be to say that he brought an LUE mentality to what had been an utterly LUEser-less community. Sometimes, though, he's flat-out hilarious. And those who have gotten to know him outside the boards report quickly becoming fast friends with the guy. What else... oh, he's played some GE, and accomplished some nice stuff there. Especially his :26 Depot Agent, :48 Egypt A, and :39 Runway 00, all of which have gotten him into hot water, in one of the funnier long-delayed proof tales I've ever seen. So, vote Tyler... if you're a *(%&sucker!

3. Bryan Youse

Bryan Youse, modestyouse
GoldenEye Rank: 34 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 96

{His Version} The Human Humor Factory. It was just about 10 months ago that captZEEbo packed up and headed off to college, leaving vacant the all-important position of Elite updater. Fortunately for us, his good friend Bryan Youse stepped up to fill those shoes, and has been doing a great job of running the site ever since. Many were surprised, perhaps even shocked, to see a player with only just over a year's experience in the Elite being entrusted with the community's most important job. That is, until they got to know him. Yes, Youse is an excellent player, a level-headed and fair judge of proof issues/legitimacy, and has shown a true dedication to getting updates in on time (when the Brazilians allow it, at least). As fine as all these traits are, they just don't get to the heart of the man's immense popularity... it is simply this: Youse is the best guy you'll ever meet. Anywhere. He is just insanely, drop-off-your-chair funny in nearly any situation, as displayed by everything from "get ready for a gRAPING!" to "tehl337h4xor Scandal" (a collaboration with Ngamer). With this man, no instant message conversation is left uninteresting, no message board posting left unhilarious. Truly, the man some call Yousey McYouse represents everything that is right about The Elite.

14. Darren Frickel

Darren Frickel
:: Perfect Dark Rank: 180

Defecates in Women's Underwear. Frickel, Frickel, Frickel... Certainly, he ranks as one of the most interesting personalities the Elite has ever come across. He got into the PDE early (one of the first 40 members, in fact) and proceeded to get out quite early as well (the first to ever set all WRs to 0 seconds). After making an immature menace of himself on the boards soon afterwards he was quickly banned there, as well. It was then that Darren did the impossible... Over the course of the next year, a steady maturation process combined with constant begging proved enough to firstly get him restored to the boards, and finally re-added into the PDE! To this day he is the only man to ever break back into the league after posting fake times. Ever since then he has been a welcome presence on the boards, especially in General Chat, where his many postings have kept the boards going even during slow times. Currently, you can find Darren playing any one of the over 150 games in his next-gen (GC, PS2, and XBox) collection, or listening to one of his somewhere around 1 million hard rock CDs.

7. MLM

MLM, Chris Bohl
GoldenEye Rank: 97 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 36

{His Version} Pie-Loving Pioneer. "Mr. Penguin," as they'd call him in France, has been one of the biggest names in the Elite for quite some time now... almost right from the start, in fact. He was about the 40th man into the PDE, and remained consistently active for longer than almost everyone, not putting down the controller until the end of the following summer. In all that time he maintained a steady ranking in the mid-teens, reaching a high point of 12th before his retirement. His best gaming accomplishment was undoubtedly his Crash Site trailblazing, as he set records there in both A and SA that went unbeaten for well over a year. However, MLM's real notoriety comes from what he did through the years on the message boards. He was actually the first non-Founding Father to be knighted into Mod-hood, but soon had his privileges revoked due to what has gone down in History only as "The Pie Incident." After that minor setback he went on to become a major General Chat Pioneer, posting more (and more intelligently) than nearly anyone else in the community. Though he has not been active in the past year, this old-school member still deserved your respect, and, possibly, your vote. And, honestly, who could say no to these little guys?

10. GoldenVinze

Goldenvinze, Vincent Rolin
GoldenEye Rank: 22 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 9

France's Finest. There can be no doubt as to Vinze's considerable gaming skills. As of just a few months ago he officially became the best overall Eliter (talking Rare Ranks here) in not only France, but actually the entirety of PAL Land. (PAL-only land, that is.) Yes, his solid play has pushed him nearly into GE's Top 20, as well as all the way into the hallowed ground of Perfect Dark's Top Ten. And, although he went inactive for a few months, he has recently begun a strong comeback which promises to vault him even further up the charts... perhaps even into the Rare Top 5? But Vinze has accomplished things outside strictly gaming as well, including being the first to start a PAL Elite, and making a page to calculate the top all-time POM winners. Yep, you couldn't go wrong with a vote for a guy like this.

2. Randy Buikema

Randy Buikema, Discombobulator
GoldenEye Rank: 3 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 2

Double Champion. There has never been another like Disco, and I doubt the Elite will ever see one again. Yes, I think he will always remain the only man in History to hold the title of Dual Champion. Impossible as it seems, he was ranked in first place at both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, at the same time. He was able to accomplish this using a slow and steady rise in PD, combined with an incredible race to the top of the GE world. The two former champs (Wouter and Paragon) soon returned to knock him off both perches, and Randy moved on to retirement a few months after. However, last summer's Big PD Whoard put him right back out in front, as amazing times like :15 Chicago A were enough to keep him the Champ for over 100 days. Since that time, Disco has been devoting himself almost entirely to Counter-Strike, becoming one of the CS players around (what else would you expect?). A vote for Disco is a vote for a man who single-handedly rewrote History.

15. Wheatrich

Wheatrich, Brent Wingert
:: Perfect Dark Rank: 126

{His Version} Whatrich?. Wheat joined the PDE something like a year and a half ago, and... that was about it. Though he didn't carve out much of a place for himself, rankings-wise, he did manage to turn some heads on the boards with his well-crafted GC postings. He has also been a constant competitor in each of Ngamer's yearly NFL and Final Four Elite prediction pools. Wheat's real gaming achievements have come in the form of Smash Bros. Melee, where his excellent times have been enough to keep him ranked in the Top Ten. It was his good play here, combined with his forum postings, that got him installed as an official Moderator/page updater over at Still, what a majority of members most likely remember him best for is the rant he went on April 1st of this year, after being tricked into believing the 2003 April Fool's Day prank. However, he has since rejoined the board community, and we're probably a better place for it.