The West Side

1. SnapDragon

SnapDragon, Derek Kisman
:: Perfect Dark Rank: 32

{His Version} The Godfather of The Elite. The Man With the Midas Touch. After the death of, Snap saved the 8 member PDE from extinction with his own auto-updater. This former Putnam fellow then proceeded to become the young Elite's champion for most of its first 6 months. After retirement, he went on to accomplish incredible feats in every other game he touched, including being the first to open Master Mode in Super Monkey Ball and inventing and completing the 3 Day Challenge in Majora's Mask. He also is/was the World Champion of the following games: Tetris Attack, Pokemon Puzzle League, F-Zero: MV, Yoshi's Story, Conker's BFD, Donkey Kong Country, and DKC2. Currently, he is letting the Ikaruga world know what it feels like to be laid to Snapination [see picture proof] by becoming the world's 5th best player after only two weeks of competition. Oh, and did I mention he finished 4th on the planet at last year's World Puzzle Championships? Cause he did.

16. Neo

Neo, Paddy Johannessen
GoldenEye Rank: 70 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 79

{His Version} The Young One. Neo burst on the scene at the end of 2001, making quite a (n00bular) first impression on the boards. However, he has matured over time, and is now a helpful, active member of The Elite, as proven by his many GE/PD Rivalries, as well as his Australian Elite. He also has been active in TS2, where he nearly entered the Top Ten and claimed a number of WRs. In addition, if you do not vote for him, he will cry.

16. Jimbo

GoldenEye Rank: REMOVED ::

Mr. Removed. Jimbo has, perhaps, put more time into Goldeneye over the past year than anyone in The Elite. It is his obsession... but to no avail, as lying about times early in his career doomed him to never remain on the rankings for long. Oh, that, and, he never proves anything. Rumor has it he once attempted to place a tape in his VCR to record a run, but it spontaneously combusted in his hands, thereby rendering him psychologically unable to deal with the thought of providing proof for anything else for the remainder of his life. Oh, but he does like other people's proof, as he has one of the largest collections of PD/GE vids anywhere shared through Get File. He's also contributing to the Elite by sending his PD cartridge to Wouter later this month. A vote for Jimbo is a vote for... I don't know what.

8. Infiltrater

:: Perfect Dark Rank: 35

{His Version} The Blondest Dancer I Know. Without a doubt one of the most talented, most intelligent members to ever grace the rankings of The Elite. Infil was one of the key members (one of the first 20, in fact) in the early days of the PDE, setting some truly insane WRs as well as being a major contributor of new strats, i.e. the Pause-Spin Trick (which allowed for :03 Duel A). He reached the peak of his PD career at 6th place back in 2001 before heading off to retirement. Fortunately for us, he has since remained fairly active on the boards, where he is still considered to be one of the community's most respected posters. His current passion is Dance Dance Revolution, which he has owned like no other in the past couple years. A vote for Infil is a vote for old-school blondes, and we all know that they are by far the coolest group around.

9. Quiet Bol

Quiet Bol, Josh Lay
:: Perfect Dark Rank: 55

The God of WAR!. Ah, QB, what can you say about him? He has for the last several months been among the most active members of not only the boards, but also the Elite Chatroom. Thus, he quickly became one of the most important members of the Selection Committee for this very contest. Gaming-wise, he is probably best known for his complete domination of War, including his incredible untied WR of :47 SA (the video of which is about to go online tomorrow, honest!). However, what's really most striking about QB is the fact that seemingly everyone who talks with the guy soon finds themselves falling head-over-heels in love with him. In fact, in a recent poll 4/5 QB-knowers stated that they would "most likely" take a bullet for him, if the opportunity ever arose. And that, if it were true, would really speak volumes for him.

5. Greg K.

Greg K., Vitor Miranda
GoldenEye Rank: 26 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 5

Brazil's Finest. Vitor displayed a kind of dedication rarely seen before in any Elite over the course of 2002. After joining the PDE in January he went on a PRing spree that seemed never to end, stretching on literally for months at a time, until he had eventually picked up at least a POM mention in an incredible 8 of 12 months. This consistent play certainly paid off, as it landed him in the Top 5 by year's end. He performed well again this January, but then announced his official retirement from formal competition. His legacy certainly will not be forgotten, as he was not only a great player (his PD domination combined with a quick rise in the Goldeneye rankings have left him placed 5th at the Rare Ranks), but also one the the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Always helpful, always encouraging and inspiring, it has been a real joy to have him in the Elite, and we have all been pleased to see him remain active on the message boards even after retirement. What a guy!

12. Iggy

Iggy, Brandon Hernandez
GoldenEye Rank: 109 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 22

{His Version} "Iggy is cool!" After getting himself into the PDE a little under a year ago, Iggy quickly began to serve notice that he would be a force to be reckoned with. Within only a few months he had gone from complete newb to member of the 2 Hour Club. He continued the steady improvement until the early days of this year, eventually finding himself a member of the prestigious Top 20. He then had to throw himself back into his studies (he is currently working on completing an associate's degree before he graduates from high school), but has recently returned in a big way by becoming one of the most regular members of the Elite Chatroom, a position which also ended up getting him initiated into the Selection Committee for this so-called "Big Project." His favorite thing in the world seems to be posting quotations about himself, and so perhaps I should give him one of my own: Vote Iggy!

4. marshmallow

marshmallow, David Gibbons
GoldenEye Rank: 61 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 54

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. One of the most famous personalities in the entirety of the Nintendo universe, it was our honor and privilege to count him a Founding Father of the PDE. marsh first rose to prominence all the way back in December of 1998, when his incredible Ocarina of Time walkthrough took the GameFAQs world by storm. He continued churning out great FAQs for top N64 games, quickly becoming the most popular writer on the entire site (he's a 6-time Contributor of the Month winner). It was his Goldeneye 00 guide that first got him involved with the Elite, and when PD rolled around he joined early and was soon dominating like nobody's business. He was the original PA master, grabbing all but a handful of WRs before finally being knocked from his perch by Paragon. They had good battles, but he retired soon after. He then moved on to the world of Starcraft, and later Counterstrike, becoming a top player in each. However, he has recently made a triumphant return to the Nintendo scene with Metroid Prime, becoming the very first to take the game to its limits by breaking the 3 hour mark in a full-game speed run. Also, he's quite hilarious, and always fun to be around. marsh = coolest guy ever.

13. Dark Master

Dark Master, Anaël Raffin
GoldenEye Rank: 48 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 11

French Champion. Dark Master came over to us from the French Elite early on in 2002, and soon began pulling off a 'Greg Kish' improvement streak of his own by picking up POM mention in a full 6 months. It proved enough to make him not only the top player in all of France (and that's really saying something... there's like 5 million players in the French Elite) but also nearly a member of the world's Top 10. He has also performed very well in GE over the past year, good enough to place him in 16th in the combined Rare Ranks. A very talented gamer, no doubt, we look for good things out of him in the future.

6. Greg Woll

Greg Woll, GoldenGreg007
GoldenEye Rank: 15 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 52

{His Version} The Woll Factory. Greg is one of the longest-tenured members of The Elite, having gotten into the GE ranks on one of Wes' last updates back on GE Extreme. He has always been a top player, even reaching the rarefied air of the Top Ten earlier in his career. He's accomplished many great things in both GE and PD, including pulling a clean sweep of Egypt and grabbing the Aztec SA WR soon after Bosshardt's new strat discovery. But without a doubt he is best remembered the for incredible Street SA run that gave birth to the so-called "Woll Factor"... an incredible 12(!) guard boosts on that run allowed him the grab the WR of 1:58. Lately he has taken a break from the competitive gaming scene, but he certainly remained active on the boards, where he is actually one of the leading members of the 2000 Posts Club. On a personal note, he's huge into music, especially Metallica, and is even learning to play the guitar on his own now. Overall, he's one of GE's most popular personalities.

11. Garrett Sellati

Garrett Sellati, Annihilator
GoldenEye Rank: 12 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 90

Goldeneye's Mr. Consistency. Garrett has seemingly been around forever... from this tourney, only The Big Three (Sterling/Wes/Steven) have been members of The Elite for longer. Though that is impressive enough on its own, what is even more compelling is the fact that no one, anywhere, has remained more active over the course of the past 4+ years. In fact, in three years he has only slipped 5 spots on the rankings! (Compare that to the 16 position drop for Sterling, or the 33 spot tumble for Wes.) Yes, he is a true GE legend, and has continued to churn out great new times even to this very day, such as his Surface 1 domination and his Caverns A WR. A vote for Garrett is a vote for the oldest of the old school!

3. Bryan Bosshardt

Bryan Bosshardt, Big Bossman
GoldenEye Rank: 2 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 19

{His Version} The GE Wonderboy. Believe it or not, Bosshardt made his stunning Goldeneye début only a year ago this month... But what a year it has been! After making possibly the best entrance in Elite history thanks to his ingenious Jaws-less Aztec strat (which soon had the WRs dropping like flies), he continued the strat-paving by being the first to put look-down to good use in a variety of levels, lowering many WRs by a second or two. Soon after, he invented the strafe into walls trick, which soon yielded an untied Statue WR. Before you knew it he was in 2nd place, the only man able to challenge Wouter for complete GE supremacy. But that's only half the story... he also managed to accomplish incredible things in just a short stint at PD, including setting an unthinkable record with over 2500 points gained in a single month and knocking off the oldest (seemingly unbeatable) WR in history with a nutty :26 War A. An incredibly talented, incredibly dedicated gamer, he is an all-around great guy in addition. Also, he has my favorite Bio quote of the whole Contest: "My dedication to the elite is about infinite now." And you know what? I wouldn't doubt him.

14. Not So Perfect Dark

NSPD, Josh Heuer
:: Perfect Dark Rank: REMOVED

{His Version} The Man of a Million Names. Alternatively known as Not So Perfect Dark, NSPD, Snowblind, and Josh Heuer, this gamer has truly accomplished some incredible things in his career. He is the current World Champion of TimeSplitters 2 by a wide margin, and even has video proof online of all his best records. Which make it all the more surprising that he's run into so much trouble in PD, where, after becoming one of the league's top players, he set 2 very nice (but untaped) untied WRs before retiring. Rumor has it that he would now be well into the Top Ten, if he would ever take the time to get proving videos online. But what's to be believed in these crazy times? Who can you really trust? Oh, well... I guess a vote for NSPD is a vote for... inexplicably unproven greatness? Hm... works for me.

7. Tim Greneby

Tim Greneby, Dark Tim
GoldenEye Rank: 7 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: REMOVED

A long-time and well respected member of the Goldeneye community, Tim has never found himself very far from the top of the ranks, despite some rather long periods of inactivity. Always a class act and a great competitor (as his long-standing Caverns and Train 00 records proved), it came as a great shock to us to find that this former PD Champion had been slightly lowering his many of his early times. He had only done it in an attempt to compensate for the PAL elevator disadvantage (which he was the first in the Elite to notice), but nonetheless was removed from the rankings. His GE career, however, has remained both spotless and breath-taking, including his recent major comeback, in which he tied all kinds of tough new WRs. Outside of his gaming life, Tim is known as one of the best athletes in all of his native Sweden, including taking, like, 3rd nationally in the long jump, and 2nd in the decathlon. (Or something like that.) Good guy, good player, he'd be a good vote choice as well.

10. gamingguru

gamingguru, Steve Patterson
:: Perfect Dark Rank: 59

{His Version} gg = General Chat. Ah, gg... Certainly one of the most distinctive and original personalities the Elite has ever had the pleasure of coming across. He started out as a promising young newb in the VERY early days of the PDE, beginning his career by creating the worst topic title ever (and no, I'll never let him live that down). But he promised big things to come in PD, and they soon did, as he rose to 11th on the rankings. However, where he would really end up making his mark was on the boards, specifically the new "General Chat" board, which he was one of the first to ever post in, and soon became a true Pioneer of. His incredible post count, despite a decline in postings over the past year, is a real tribute to just how active he was in those days, constantly breathing new life into a relatively small and generally slow board. Always irrelevant, always funny (well... almost always), and always making references to male genitalia (he was, in many ways, the original Tyler Probert) gg is one of the Elite's true treasures. A vote for him is a vote for the "golden days" of General.

2. Karl Jobst

Karl Jobst, Sim Threat
GoldenEye Rank: 6 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 1

King of All He Surveys. He is The Phenom, The Master, without a doubt one of (if not the) most talented gamer to ever grace either of the Elites. Yes, he has been a top GE player ever since his arrival (as the highest-ranked new entrant ever, pre-Wouter) back in '99. He played hard after that, eventually climbing all the way up to the #2 position, before putting GE aside in favor of Perfect Dark. He was the PDE's 100th member, but never really got himself into the game hardcore... until the end of last year, that is. It was then that, in the words of one observer, "Karl did to PD in 6 weeks what Wouter did to GE in 6 years." Yes, he came out of that incredible run as not only the highest-ranked champion (points-wise) in PD history, but also as the undisputed champion of the Rare Ranks... a title that he still holds, even after a half year of retirement from serious competition. On a personal note, however, he thinks that you're gay. Gay, gay, gay, gay. Also, you may quite possibly be of the homosexual persuasion. In fact, the only way it would be humanly possible for you to get any gayer would be to not vote for him. Vote Karl!

15. Craig Makepeace

Craig Makepeace, Shock
GoldenEye Rank: 18 :::: Perfect Dark Rank: 26

Old-School Rocker. Craig almost re-defines the term "old-school": he is not only the 5th oldest member of this Contest (GE-wise), he was also the 10th man to join the PDE, missing out on the label of Founding Father by only a couple places. He has always been a great GE player, only rarely finding himself ranked outside of the Top 20 in his entire career. He got out to a great start in PD as well, and then remained quite active throughout PD's first two years. This is attested to by the high rank he still holds today, even after many months of retirement. However, he is probably best known for his great personality on the boards, where (despite his near-dozen different user names) he managed to amass enough posts to make it into the 2000 Post Club, and enough respect to become one of only two non-Founding Father full Moderators. Shock the Vote!