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Yes, it's finally here... In the spirit of last year's GameFAQs Summer Contest, comes our very own (and vastly superior) version: The Elite Summer Contest! Whereas CJay used Characters, our Contest will consist of actual Gamers; the top 68 personalities in The Elite. Each winner will be decided by you, in a daily, anonymous vote. But each member will be able to play a part through not only their votes... they can also participate by making complete bracket predictions at BracketMaker! The total prediction score will be tallied and updated nightly, so that come August 2nd we will have not one, but two Summer Contest Champions. Will you be one of them?

Schedule of Events: Voting will begin at 11:00 PM Central Standard Time on Tuesday, May 27th, for the first of four Play-In games. However, predictions need not be submitted until the official start of the Contest, at 11:00 CST on Saturday, May 31st. (As Play-In games cannot be predicted.) For more information on how this contest will be run, please continue on to The Rules.

The Rules

Who can vote? Any Eliter who fits one of the following three descriptions may vote in each daily competition: 1. One of the 68 Contest Participants. 2. One of the 191 members of The Goldeneye Elite, or one of the 358 members of The Perfect Dark Elite. 3. Any active member of the Elite Message Board community. (100+ posts as of May 15th.)
How do I vote? By sending a private message to Ngamer at his AOL Instant Messenger screen name, Cyber1166. No votes are to be posted on the boards! If you do not have a version of AIM currently running on your computer, download it. (If Ngamer is unavailable for the day, votes will then be collected by Bryan Youse, using his screen name of TopRogue7.)
Who should I vote for? This is essentially a popularity contest, therefore, it is entirely up to you! Some things you could possibly consider would be: Who is the better player? Who has contributed more to the Elite as a whole? Whose posts are fun to read on the boards? Who is more enjoyable to chat with on AIM? Or even, whose name did I just draw out of this hat? In fact, when it comes to voting, there is really only one option not available to you...
No one may vote in their own matches! Neither for yourself nor your opponent. No exceptions.
Use only the General Board. To post about this Contest. There will be one main topic in which the previous day's results and the next matchup will be posted at 11PM each night. You are welcome to discuss The Contest there, or create your own topics, as long as it stays in General. That being said, however...
No negative advertising. On the boards, you may attempt to convince users why they should vote for you, not why they should not vote for your opponent! On AIM and in The Elite Chatroom, anything is allowed, but there will be a 0 tolerance for negative campaigning on the General Board.
How were contestants chosen/seeded? More information on that process can be found on the Selection Committee page.