The 2005 Elite Summer Contest

The Great Gamer Battle III

The "Wide Open" Edition

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The Champions Bracket

And... we're back! This year completes the Trilogy which began in 2003 and extended out into 2004, awarding Championships to SnapDragon, Ngamer, and Derek Clark. But at the risk of 2005 growing stale, those three former winners have been removed from the official Contest through the use of a Champions Bracket. This has resulted in the creation of the most unpredictitable and exciting Summer Contest bracket in history!

Play-In matches begin on Saturday, May 28th at midnight CST... you'll want to be there for what is sure to be an intense First Vote Championship all Summer long. In the meantime, try your luck at the 2nd Summer sub-contest by filling out a Prediction Bracket!

Throughout the Summer, votes will be cast by IMing Im Ngamer over AOL Instant Messenger on the day's matchup. The usual "who is allowed to vote?" rules apply, but to repeat them once more:
- The 68 official Contest representatives
- Anyone currently ranked on the Goldeneye and/or Perfect Dark Elite
- Those who have made 100 or more posts on the Elite boards as of 5/28/2005
- Those who log over 20 hours in The Elite Chatroom

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