The 2005 Elite Summer Contest

Side of Meat


Click for full size 1. Matthijs ten Ham
PD Rank: 82nd (41st Proven)
GE Rank: 8th (9th Proven)
Other games: MKDD
Last Year: #3 seed, GE Division
- Defeated ST, Dirk, Wouter; Defeated by Clark

"The Flying Dutchman"
{His Version} Matthijs has accomplished plenty in his 6 year Goldeneye career, yet despite all his gaming success he is still best known for being just so incredibly darn likeable. As in, every single person who has started a conversation with the man reports having become his good friend by the time the convo was over. This was probably best expressed after his terrible knee injury at the end of 2002, when the outpouring of good luck wishes on the boards was just tremendous. And he's much more than a great guy... he's also one of the true Pillars of The Elite, having taken over GE news updating on, where he currently serves as our top European Proof Mod, GE forum mod, and multimedia manager. Right now, you can find him in 8th place at Goldeneye, after peaking at 3rd during 2003. He's set some great untied WRs in the past, including those in Egypt A, Silo A, and even Aztec SA (well... almost), and has made some minor comebacks since. And he got off to a great start in PD as well, where he joined pretty early and did some impressive stuff (like an early WR of 1:16 Villa A) before heading back to GE. His previous contest appearances were cut short by Derek in two of the toughest decisions for Eliters to make. With Clark out of the contest this year, will it finally be Mat's time to shine? Vote Matthijs!

Click for full size 16. Pat Zalesky
PD Rank: 98th
GE Rank: Unranked
Other games: Diddy Kong Racing
Last Year: New Contestant!

{His Version} One of the few Wes-era Eliters still around, Pat, or Mr. Guru, as he's known on the boards, certainly has a lot of history behind his GE career. At one point, he got as high as 2nd place in the then GE-Extreme ranks, and was the original king of Depot, as the first to get 0:27. He made the fateful error of lying about Runway A 0:23 though (when 0:24 was the WR), and was removed forever. He returned to the Elite early last year, mainly as a chatter, putting his tarnished past behind him and becoming well liked by many, even if he has the oddest screen name ever. He's also engaged (or married now, he didn't bother posting anything for me) to a girl named Sam. Vote Pat!

Click for full size 16. kats
PD Rank: Unranked
GE Rank: Unranked
Other games: A lot of them.
Last Year: #15 seed, New School Division
- Defeated by Youse

"He cast a spell, a spell on me"
{His Version} Certainly one of the most quotable Eliters, kats has been a mainstay of the chatroom for well over a year now. His unique brand of humour have won him many QOD's, and though he isn't active in GE, PD, or on the boards, he's one of the most popular figures in the ranks of chatters, even being dubbed the chat's "Sherriff". He plays a lot of games too, and collects DVDs, I guess. He also has the 1,000,000th account made on GameFAQs, which is pretty cool... for a few people. Oh, and his name is Lee, in case you don't get the nickname. If you still don't get it, go away.

Click for full size 8. Tyler Probert
PD Rank: 104th
GE Rank: 40th (30th Proven)
Other games: TS2
Last Year: #7 seed, New School Division
- Defeated by QB

As much as Tyler has come to represent the so-called "New School" of the GEE, he has actually been following the community for longer than almost anyone. Yes, he was one of many visitors to Wes's original GE ranks back in 98/99, though he didn't end up joining either of the pages until the end of 2000. Since then, he has set a Board legacy of his own: rude, insulting, random, provoking, cocky, n00b-bashing, always furious... and that's not to mention the near-constant derogatory comments about your mother and retarded children. Probably the best way to describe it would be to say that he brought an LUE mentality to what had been an utterly LUEser-less community. Sometimes, though, he's flat-out hilarious. And those who have gotten to know him outside the boards report quickly becoming fast friends with the guy. What else... oh, he's played some GE, and accomplished some nice stuff there. Especially his :26 Depot Agent, :48 Egypt A, and :39 Runway 00, all of which were proven after long spells of doubt and ExpertLaziness. He's also a big troll at A site that doesn't exist and gets the B7 every night or something. Vote Tyler!

Click for full size 9. Matt Cook
PD Rank: 72nd (12th Proven)
GE Rank: 63rd (64th Proven)
Other games: TS2
Last Year: #6 seed, New School Division
- Defeated Mallow; Defeated by Food

"The Elite's #1 Asshat!"
{His Version} Matt's been around a long, long time now (originally as DarkestMatt), and accomplished plenty in that time. He climbed the ranks quickly as a newcomer before going inactive for a long while, but has made several very nice comebacks over the past couple of years, vaulting him into the top ten. This talented Australian is probably best know for having the same mentality as his good friend, a certain Mr. Jobst, in that they'll set their eye on a very difficult time and not give up until they've achieved it, hence all the new strats/tricks Matt has come up with in PD. For the past 2 years or so, he's become more of a personality on the boards, even though he has no personality. His unfunny antics, rude behaviour, and blatant disrespect for just about everybody led to his eventual banning, though he resurfaced after somebody got too lazy to ban all the new accounts he made. He's also been removed from the PD ranks for lying about times, and for overall idiocy in thinking he has any sort of power over how the ranks are operated. A vote for Matt is a vote for... ah, fuck it, don't even bother voting for Matt.

Click for full size 5. Neo
PD Rank: 96th
GE Rank: 104th
Other games: MKDD, MK64, TS2, Chip's Challenge, TKEP, gasgames
Last Year: #9 seed, New School Division
- Defeated Bizi, Bosshardt, come; Defeated by Youse

"The (Young) One"
Neo joined The Elite way back in 2001, as one of the youngest members, and it showed through his n00bish behaviour. He's since grown up before our eyes into a respectable contributor and an important member of both the boards and the chatroom, as one of the most quoted people in the community. His GE/PD careers were highlighted by many rivalries and consistent enough playing to stay on the Rare Ranks. He's also competed in MKDD, TS2, Chip's Challenge (which he made a popular page for), gasgames, TKEP, and MK64, which he's about to make a comeback in to pass Ngamer, once he stops whining about things and finds a controller. ;) Vote Neo!

Click for full size 12. Wabs
PD Rank: 30th (30th Proven)
GE Rank: 81st (56th Proven)
Other games: DKC3, Twin Snakes, F-Zero GX, TS2, MGS3, Mario 64, Wind Waker, TSFP, MK64, Columns, GT3
Last Year: #12 seed, PD Division
- Defeated by Shade

"The French Ngamer"
{His Version} Despite not being an official member of the t-e.n staff or a moderator, Wabs has managed to contribute more to the Elite than nearly anyone. In terms of getting new members to join, at the very least, I don't believe anyone can touch him. Yes, it was Wabs who started the highly-successful French Elite, getting nearly one hundred players from his country involved, most of whom ended up joining the World Elite soon afterwards. But he has also helped make useful advances in other areas, such as his invention of the door trick in CI Defense. He's had quite a few other PD accomplishments, including being only the 4th man into the 4 Minute Club, and hitting his peak just a tad out of the Top Ten, in 11th place. Since going inactive, Wabs has kept himself busy as a moderator over at NGC-Elites, helping create the TS2 Elite. He plays a lot of other games too, with incredible success anywhere he goes (that, and the Frenchiness set him apart from Ngamer). Always a strong contestant, a vote for Wabs is a vote for someone who embodies what The Elite is all about.

Click for full size 4. Mr. Food
PD Rank: Unranked
GE Rank: Unranked
Other games:
Last Year: #3 seed, New School Division
- Defeated rpauk, Cook; Defeated by Youse

"The Elite's Biggest Sourpuss"
Mr. Food is so hellbent on not contributing to this contest, or anything to The Elite in the past year or so. Food spent many years being the leader and moderator of General Chat, always posting something funny and original, or coming up with cool creations like the original 2000 club, and the Pwnion. Since then, he's pretty much gone inactive, though he'll show up every few days or so to make a troll-like post in some random topic. He'll also definitely let you know when he doesn't care about something, by making numerous posts stating such, and insulting you for doing the same. Even with his waning popularity and current bad attitude, he's still a force to be reckoned with in the contest, as his strong showings in previous years will attest. Vote Food!

Click for full size 13. Robert Shepherd
PD Rank: Unranked (51st Proven)
GE Rank: 89th (31st Proven)
Other games: WoW, Poker, TKEP, gasgames
Last Year: New Contestant!

Shep has been one of the most active idlers in The Elite chatroom since his arrival just over a year ago, and has made his presence felt in more ways that it would seem from his utter silence. He's the 2nd highest ranked Elite TKEPer (behind some other strange fellow) and also plays WoW a lot with SZ or something. He used to play poker a lot, but lost some money and stopped, since he's a mature individual. Shep's also into wrestling, and was one of the main posters on the popular thread before EZboard ate it. A vote for Shep is a vote for a fine gentleman!

Click for full size 6. marshmallow
PD Rank: 66th (34th Proven)
GE Rank: 70th (29th Proven)
Other games: Every Game Ever Made
Last Year: #7 seed, Old School Division
- Defeated Zwartjes; Defeated by Snap

"Plays Everything. Fast."
One of the most famous personalities in the entirety of the Nintendo universe, it was our honor and privilege to count him a Founding Father of the PDE. marsh first rose to prominence all the way back in December of 1998, when his incredible Ocarina of Time walkthrough took the GameFAQs world by storm. He continued churning out great FAQs for top N64 games, quickly becoming the most popular writer on the entire site (he's a 6-time Contributor of the Month winner). It was his Goldeneye 00 guide that first got him involved with the Elite, and when PD rolled around he joined early and was soon dominating like nobody's business. He was the original PA master, grabbing all but a handful of WRs before finally being knocked from his perch by Paragon. They had good battles, but he retired soon after. He then moved on to the world of Starcraft, and later Counterstrike, becoming a top player in each. Since then, he's become one of, if not THE biggest contributor to the SDA, with runs in Banjo Kazooie, Body Harvest, Bomberman 64, Bomberman Hero, Chameleon Twist, DKC3, GE, Jet Force Gemini, SMW2: Yoshi's Island, SMRPG, Mission Impossible, Turok, Turok 2, and perhaps the most popular, Half-Life 2. Yup, he'll just about play anything, but how will that serve him in this contest? Vote marsh!

Click for full size 11. Alex Anderson
PD Rank: 78th (19th Proven)
GE Rank: 10th (8th Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: New Contestant!

"GE's Canadian King"
{His Version} Al has been a member of The Elite for over a year now, quickly rising from unintelligible newbie to outstanding talent, as shown in his GE progress. He's climbed his way to the top ten on great efforts, especially Frigate, where he was the first non-Wouter/Bryan to get 0:24 Agent and 1:14 00 Agent, though his impressing 00 time would soon be lost to fellow GE New schooler Cervone. Al was also one of the first players to have all 60 PRs proven, and his vids have always been helpful to newer players looking for easier strats when they're starting out. His biggest gaming accomplishments have come in the world of StarCraft, where he was the 2nd best player in all of Manitoba at the height of his career, and now plays casually, beating Ngamer a lot. He also listens to a lot of weird music and does drugs or something. Vote Al!

Click for full size 3. captZEEbo
PD Rank: 22nd (25th Proven)
GE Rank: 22nd (21st Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: #4 seed, Old School Division
- Defeated octo, SamSim; Defeated by Ngamer

"Lovely Lavery"
Apart from having possibly the oddest nickname in all of Elite history, Greg Lavery has been a cornerstone of the community since its' inception back in April 2002. He was a part of the original staff, alongside cohorts Clark and Barber, as the Elite's updater, and was always a great source of funny news tidbits and silly antics (AFD 2002, anyone?) that kept Eliters coming back for more. His GE and PD careers were very stable, as he rose to high levels in both, but has since fallen back to the 20s. Currently, his passions include Poker and movies, though he still sporadically posts around the Elite boards, and has not been forgotten, as his high seed shows. A good dose of Greg can be found in the Illinois 2002 vids, where he shows just how tall he really is. Vote ZEEbo!

Click for full size 14. octoinky
PD Rank: Unranked
GE Rank: 193rd
Other games: MK64, Majora's Mask
Last Year: #13 seed, Old School Division
- Defeated by Zeebo

"The Original Mr. 7000"
{His Version} Octo is best known for a bunch of things. Being one of the first 30 members of the PDE, causing just about the most uproar ever upon admitting to lying about his times, creating the first Majora's Mask rankings site on the net, being by FAR the biggest poster in Elite history for many years, until being overtaken by Food, and being one of, if not the most talented guitarists in the Elite. Eh, you know what? Make that California. He's stayed around The Elite consistently, and has picked up MK64, where he's just on the verge of the top 100 overall after merely a month of playing! Recently, his comeback to the chat and boards has gained him a new faction of fans, though an Octo vote is an old-school/GC Pioneer vote, all the way.

Click for full size 7. Brandon Sanford
PD Rank: 92nd (24th Proven)
GE Rank: 16th (11th Proven)
Other games: Blast Corps, TS2, TWINE
Last Year: #13 seed, GE Division
- Defeated by Graham

"Not Just a Hitler look-alike"
{His Version} Brandon "bcks" Sanford has come a long way from GE n00b that uses Dreamcast to get online. Now he's GE n00b that uses a computer to get online... a computer which has made him one of the most popular and well-liked Eliters around today. Despite his slight resemblance to a certain Nazi leader, Brandon is one of the nicest and easiest to get along with people in the entire Elite. He's also always a threat for some great gaming accomplishments, as he's risen to an extremely high level in GE on the strength of impressive times like Aztec A 1:36, Jungle SA 1:00, and Frigate SA 1:08. He's also been competitive in LTK, where he became the first non-Aussie to beat all 20 levels, and currently has 4 WRs. His streak of proving times has been Wouter-like, as he's got vids for all 60 normal PRs, and is the only person to have vids for every LTK level. He's also made good efforts in PD, TS2, and TWINE, but has by far exceeded those with some incredible Blast Corps WRs. A vote for Brandon is a vote for Goldeneye!

Click for full size 10. ShadowZero
PD Rank: 35th (16th Proven)
GE Rank: 73rd (27th Proven)
Other games: WoW, TS2, TSFP, Fal's mor
Last Year: New Contestant!

"The Swedish Shadow"
{His Version} SZ's biggest gaming accomplishments have come outside of the Elites, over in the land of TS2. It was there that he became the game's first truly dominant champion, holding onto the first place position for quite a while, while grabbing as many as 33 of the 71 possible World Records at one point. He is still highly ranked there today, and has helped out the community considerably by creating video proof for many of his best times, though he was banned for providing proof, because those rankings are run by people who shouldn't be touching computers. But that's not to say that he didn't do good things in the Rare games, as well. In fact, he was one of PD's early PAL leaders, climbing the rankings all the way up to the 13th position at his peak. He also set the extremely impressive for its time untied WR of :48 War SA a while back. He's been one of the most active chatters ever over the past year or two, and his absence from last years contest has him out for some sweet revenge. Yes, you really couldn't go wrong casting a vote for this talented Swede.

Click for full size 2. ExpertGamer
PD Rank: 13th (9th Proven)
GE Rank: 39th (28th Proven)
Other games: MK64, DDR
Last Year: #3 seed, Old School Division
- Defeated Infil, Sterling; Defeated by Snap

"Master of the Boards"
Expert has been our lovely forum administrator since the inception of the Elite EZboard, and has upheld his post with great esteem, even in his periods of lenghty inactivity. His PD and GE careers were stable, with some very impressive times in the former, including the infamous WAR! PA 0:54, a task that has only been matched by one other gamer since it was birthed in March 2002. Since his retirement from Elite gaming, he's been known to DDR like a madman, and be completely obsessed with his Mustang (the car, not the wild horse). His contest was abruptly ended last year by Snap, though a strong old school showing may lead the way to victory for Mr. Rayola. Vote Expert!

Click for full size 15. Mark Rayson
PD Rank: Unranked
GE Rank: Unranked
Other games: Poker
Last Year: New Contestant!

{His Version} Though he has not accomplished much in either of the Rare games, Mark is still one of the most popular Eliters around, as his constant presence in chat and involvement in interesting stuff always gains him the admiration of fellow gamers. He's probably most well known for playing Poker. A lot. He was even on TV in England, in the European Poker Tour, where he had a very respectable showing. While he's won a lot of money playing online, he's also had his downfalls, but seems to come out near-even every time. His other notable projects are the Giant Rasterbation and his very own Big Brother site that he doesn't like being linked. Vote Mark!


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