The 2005 Elite Summer Contest

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Click for full size 1. Bryan Bosshardt
PD Rank: 2nd (2nd Proven)
GE Rank: 1st (1st Proven)
Other games: TWINE, MKDD, SMK, Super Metroid, Sim City, Banjo Kazooie
Last Year: #1 seed, New School Division
- Defeated BloodE; Defeated by Neo

"The Wonderboy"
{His Version} He is the master, the undisputed champion, arguably the best Goldeneye player of all time. Bryan Bosshardt could very well be the reason that The Elite is still populated by many gamers, and the reason for much competition in GE and PD since the summer of 2002. Yes, it was about 3 years ago that the "Aztec Strat Master" changed the face of Goldeneye forever, with the No-Jaws Strat that's responsible for knocking a whole lot of time off the total, and showing that just about anything can happen in The Elite. While that strat alone would have cemented Bryan in history as a legend, he's taken the league by storm just about everywhere else possible. Apart from the many other strategies and techniques he's invented and employed, his biggest accomplishment was dethroning Wouter Jansen to take over 1st place in GE. He didn't stop there, proving that he can defend his crown and continuing to improve his times and set some incredible records. Among his many impressive times are 0:53 Dam A, 0:22 Runway A, 0:38 Runway 00A, 1:12 Silo SA, 2:20s across Statue, and complete domination on Control (4:00, 4:13, 4:17). While his GE career is amazing in its own right, he's also shown he can hang in the world of PD, where he's currently 2nd, and continues to PR at ungodly speed. He's been the champ of the Rare Ranks for quite some time now, and I don't think that will change anytime soon. He can play other games too, how about.. every WR in TWINE? Every WR in GE Turbo? Best American MKDDer earlier last year? Bryan's just about done it all in the world of gaming, and could very well be the most talented player ever to grace the Elite ranks. His impressive performance in the 2003 contest left us wondering just how far he could go last year, but he was cut off short in the 2nd round by bracket buster Neo. Could this be Bryan's year to finally go all the way? Vote Bosshardt!

Click for full size 16. Suicide Eagle
PD Rank: 42nd
GE Rank: Unranked
Other games: Ikaruga (17th), SMB1 (6th), SMB2 (4th)
Last Year: New Contestant!

"Mr. Left Out"
{His Version} Arguably the biggest name to be left out of the first two Elite Contests, Suicide Eagle has finally been selected... as a play-in. While he undoubtedly deserves a spot in this (and the 2 prior contests), he'll have to earn it, just for fun. A member of the 2000 club, this PD veteran has become a mainstay in General Chat over the past 2 years. He peaked in the top 20 in PD, after a 500+ point month in December 2001. His best gaming achievements may be in the Super Monkey Ball games, peaking at 2nd place in the original, and currently the reigning PAL champion in the sequel. He's also in the top 20 of Ikaruga and set a nice time of 1:33:20 in Resident Evil 1 for GameCube. He certainly has the track record to be in the contest, but that's for you to decide. Vote SE!

Click for full size 16. Nathan Stinson
PD Rank: Unranked
GE Rank: 83rd
Other games: MK64 (46th Non-SC, 29th SC), SMK (31st)
Last Year: New Contestant!

"Fark-ing Linkfiend"
Nathan Stinson may only be known throughout the Elite as the one that continuously posts links to old, out of date, mostly unfunny things that he probably found on Fark. While his GE and PD careers aren't anything to talk about, Nathan is a major part of the MK64 site, as the updater of the Players' list. His Kart skills lent themselves well to the real time speed run week in The Elite Chatroom, where he competed in just about everything we played. He's also a member of the Fantasy Baseball league, and has participated in Football and NCAA basketball Pickem contests for awhile. He's probably done some other stuff, but didn't write about it for me. He's from Oklahoma! Boomer Sooner!

Click for full size 8. Illu
PD Rank: 99th (24th Proven)
GE Rank: 11th (10th Proven)
Other games: Mario 64, Wave Race 64, Turok, MGS
Last Year: New Contestant!

"The Shocker from Sweden"
{His Version} Illu may very well be the most purely talented gamer in this years contest. He debuted on The Elite Boards last winter, with a new concept for Goldeneye, Dark LTK. This incredibly hard league became insanely popular, led by Ilari's mindblowing strat development and amazing intuition for someone so new to our league. He's been the champion of Dark LTK since its' emergence, and has set some impressive records on 14 levels, all with video proof. Aztec, Jungle, and Caverns are hard enough on 00 Agent, and he beat them on maximum settings! After wearing out Dark LTK, he turned his attention to normal mode, and showed that his talent is limitless, getting 0:53 Dam Agent as his first WR (bear in mind how long that one took Wouter...) and having one of the quickest rises to the top ten in GE history. He currently holds 7 WRs, including 1:03 Surface 1 A, and an impressive sweep on Streets. He hasn't yet tested his limits in PD, though his impressive Defection times (0:06, 0:39, 1:26) are a good omen that he will soon rise to the forefront of stardom in the other Rare game. While he was dominating GE, he also set an amazing 16-star record on Mario 64 which has to be seen to be believed. He may be unknown by some of the older members of The Elite, but I wouldn't count this man out as being champion potential, and definitely one that will be making his name heard in the world of gaming for years to come.

Click for full size 9. Silent Thunder
PD Rank: 127th
GE Rank: 34th
Other games: TS1 (2nd), TS2 (4th), TS:FP (1st)
Last Year: #14 seed, GE Division
- Defeated by Matthijs

"God of TimeSplitters"
{His Version} Tim "Silent Thunder" Dubovsky has been a great asset to The Elite since his arrival in early 2003. His GE times have improved steadily since then, peaking at 32nd with 2 WRs. His greatest contribution to the game is the popular GE Strat Central which has helped gamers new and old alike, and is often linked to explain things to those silly n00bs that think Bryan's times are fake. Tim has also been a great, albeit sporadic poster in General Chat, and his wit shines through in his hilarious Tribute to Frigate and the always current and up to date Elite Times. When he's not thinking of new ways to call Jimbo gay, he's probably playing TimeSplitters, where he is good. Really really good. His tough match last year against powerhouse Matthijs might have left us unsure of how strong he really is. Will his recent meeting with Ngamer prove a timely popularity boost for the TS Champ? Vote ST and find out!

Click for full size 5. Sam Hughes
PD Rank: 85th (42nd Proven)
GE Rank: 186th (61st Proven)
Other games: Super Monkey Ball, TS2, Sonic Mega Collection, Zeldas, Ikaruga
Last Year: #5 seed, Old School Division
- Defeated PDO; Defeated by Zeebo

"Nobody Does It Better"
{His Version} SamSim has been an incredible influence on all things l33t since his arrival as a budding PD newbie way back before Jesus died. His PD career was respectable, but never over impressive, though nabbing 2 uncommon-at-the-time WRs (0:16 Chicago A, 0:27 WAR! A) was quite a feat. Perhaps his greatest PD success comes in the oft-linked Defection for Dummies guide, which provides an extensive, extremely well written walkthrough of the Defection trick. Sam's way with words has always made him among the most respected and enjoyable posters on the boards, and even with a year layoff, he still garners a high seed in this contest on reputation alone. He's definitely one of the greatest contributors to grace The Elite, as many of his creations are used regularly. Other than work on his extremely awesome site over the past year, his How to Destroy the Earth writeup has become THE most popular page ever created by an Eliter, with hundreds of thousands of hits, and professional reviews from some nerds that write for American newspapers. Yes, Sam's done it all, but will his recent lack of activity on the boards hinder his progress this year? Cast a vote and find out!

Click for full size 12. Harvey Manhood
PD Rank: Unranked
GE Rank: 15th (22nd Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: #10 seed, GE Division
- Defeated by Osterland

"Hey.. he IS wearing a ring!"
The Man some call "Hood" has been GEing it up since back in Oct of '00, when he debuted impressively in 19th place. He made a big push into the top ten early in 2003, but has since gone completely inactive. He might be dead somewhere. Outside of GE, Harv is probably best known for posting on the boards more than anybody else for quite a few months. He eventually cut down on the spam/junk, and just posted everything that revolved around Goatse or Tubgirl. Maybe if you vote for him, he'll come back, or something. He's probably buried under a pile of filth accumulated from not showering for 3 months. Vote Stinky! Erm.. Harv!

Click for full size 4. Dan Cervone
PD Rank: 53rd (10th Proven)
GE Rank: 3rd (3rd Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: #16 seed, GE Division
- Defeated Henrik; Defeated by Clark

"The Rising Star"
{His Version} In just under 2 years, Dan Cervone has accomplished just about as much as anyone could hope for in The Elite. As a newcomer to the GE ranks, he showed a lot of promise, getting some uncommonly good times and always putting videos online for them instantly. He certainly lived up to his potential, reaching the top ten in less than a year after joining, many POM awards, and even the runner up in the 2004 POY (keep in mind that Bryan got 50 more WRs than everyone else, so 2nd place isn't too shabby). His Goldeneye career kept surging through 2005, when his unwhoard in March pushed him into the upper echelon of the top 3, joining Bosshardt and Jansen on the GE podium. Dan has always consistently improved his times, and is quickly being one of the few that can even fathom testing the limits of the game anymore. He's knocked the most time off the total so far in 2005, with 3 untieds in the past few months (Dam SA 1:18, Frigate SA 1:07, 00A 1:13) and with his determination and skill, we can only expect more amazing times in the near future. While not being as active in PD, he's certainly made a name for himself by getting some of the less common WRs, such as Villa SA 1:19, Defense SA 1:29, PA 1:44, and still only being ranked in the 50s! Aside from his gaming, Dan's contributions to The Elite have been unmatched, as he's hosted the main site for videos for well over a year now. He also has more than 500(!) of his own vids, and has helped create proof for other GE folk Sanford and Sellati. He's certainly among the favourites in this years contest, considering he was a 16 seed just last summer! You decide how well he does. Vote Cervone!

Click for full size 13. Vectorman
PD Rank: Unranked
GE Rank: 109th (42nd Proven)
Other games: Ghost Recon, MK, PD, SMB
Last Year: New Contestant!

"Did someone say 'Fodder'?"
{His Version} Vec may be the least known in this years contest, but that doesn't take away from his contributions since he first appeared in the chatroom well over a year ago. He's become one of the most liked people in Elite chat, mainly because he's so gosh darn nice. He's helped out in hosting when we were having problems, and even graciously hosts my site along with some of the larger files like The Gamer's Den. He also has one of the most expansive GetFile lists on AIM (Vectorman0), mostly because of his insane rate of downloading. As he says, "I still download stuff like it's my job, 1 terabyte and counting (seriously)." When he's not breaking servers worldwide and making my dialup modem cry in the corner, he likes to fish, and has a cool pic of him with a fish. Somewhere. Vote Vec!

Click for full size 6. Graham Morris
PD Rank: 25th (8th Proven)
GE Rank: 8th (7th Proven)
Other games: TS2
Last Year: #4 seed, GE Division
- Defeated Bcks; Defeated by Woll

"Psycho! Groupie! Cocaine! Crazy!"
Okay, so he's not a cokefiend, or a groupie, but I like that song. Graham has been one of the most consistent and most respected members of The Elite over the past 4 years. His Goldeneye career is symbolic of that, as his steady rise to the top proved him to be among the greats of the game, peaking at 3rd place. While he's slipped a few ranks during his recent periods of inactivity, his name still plasters the WR chart, with such notable times as 0:47 Facility A, 0:53 Jungle A, and 0:35 Cradle A. Always a threat for a WR in GE, he's shown the same in PD, seemingly rising to 25th place with ease. Though he's not been around much lately, his resumé earns him the #6 seed, and he's definitely a sleeper pick to pull off some major upsets this year, as he's been around long enough for old school and new school votes, along with his impressive gaming feats and European support. You decide his fate, vote Graham!

Click for full size 11. Henrik Norgren
PD Rank: Unranked (46th Proven)
GE Rank: 7th (12th Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: #16 seed, GE Division
- Defeated by Cervone

"PR Machine"
{His Version}If Woll is the Factory, then Henrik must be the Machine. After joining The Elite late in 2003, "Omega" went on a PRing streak, that while slowed now, hasn't even thought about stopping. He rose up the ranks quickly (after making something like 400+ PR posts) and was quickly a contender for the top ten. Perhaps most impressive of all was his Archives sweep (0:16, 0:56, 0:56) as he was only the 3rd person to pull that off, behind Bosshardt and Jansen. A recent surge of PRs put him at his highest rank ever (7th), and it seems like the sky is the limit for this Swedish upstart. His most notable feat in GE so far has been Aztec 00A 1:55, untying what was the 2nd longest lasting untied record at the time, an accomplishment usually reserved for the likes of Bryan and Wouter. Will his GE rise prove to be helpful in this years contest? Vote Henrik!

Click for full size 3. Trent Hovis
PD Rank: 11th (7th Proven)
GE Rank: 5th (6th Proven)
Other games: Starfox, Turok 2, Halo 2
Last Year: #5 seed, New School Division
- Defeated Iggy; Defeated by come

"A Rare Talent"
{His Version} Yes, Trent is exactly that. Besides being some inhuman athlete that plays soccer, runs track, and swims swimming, he's also found much success in The Elite, with some of the quickest rises to the top ten in BOTH GE and PD. His peak in GE was 3rd after a strong surge of PRs to pass rival Jim Barrett, with whom he rose to the upper levels of the ranks. He currently sits in 5th, but is always a threat since he "PR's like a real slut". Trent was also the lucky guy who found the shooting Trev trick in Statue, which eventually cut 18 seconds off the Elite total time. His latest ownage came in Aztec 00A, where he was the 2nd player to get 1:55. His PD rise was much of the same, though a lot faster and with some nice untied WRs in the process. He currently sits at 11th in points, which makes him 3rd overall in the Rare Ranks behind the alien known as Bosshardt and some other guy that was the champ of both games. Trent's not just good at 2 Rare games, but has shown his skills in Turok 2, where he has all the WRs except for one. A true impact player in both games, will it be enough to carry him through the contest? Vote Trent!

Click for full size 14. Narigutita
PD Rank: 16th (21st Proven)
GE Rank: 108th
Other games:
Last Year: New Contestant!

"The Other Good PD Player from Brazil"
Nari is from Brazil, which means he's good at PD (I think there's something in the water there). He's had a great year, entering the top 20 with strong performances like being the first to tie one of Karl's "great" WRs in 1:09 Villa A and getting a bunch of POM mentions. He's also got the coolest hairdo in the southern hemisphere, and I think he was the one that started all the "hauhauhauhhuah" laughing one day in chat. Oh, and he runs something on the Brazilian Elite, I guess, but I don't read Portuguese. Vote Nari!

Click for full size 7. Lec
PD Rank: 9th (10th Proven)
GE Rank: 72nd
Other games: MK64 (80th)
Last Year: #10 seed, PD Division
- Defeated by Dman

"Frenchiest Guy in North America"
{His Version} Lec's PD career started out slow, but has continued to pick up steam and make him more noticeable, so much so that he was in the PD division of last years contest. His entry into the top ten this year may prove to be the ticket to victory, led by his domination of MBR (1:21, 1:23, 1:27) and some other nice WRs and mentions in nearly every month of POMs since August 2003. He's also been more active in The Elite chatroom this past year, where it finally came out that he thinks... in French. Silly Canadians. He lost to fellow Quebecer Dman last year in a tight match, but will his gaming improvements and enlarged notariety among active Eliters give him the advantage? Vote Lec!

Click for full size 10. Adam Moore
PD Rank: 90th
GE Rank: 6th (5th Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: #9 seed, GE Division
- Defeated by Garrett

"Aussie Champ"
{His Version} Moore is one of those guys who really shows how hard work will pay off in the end. He became a member of the Goldeneye community back in the summer of '00, during the waning days of Wes' reign as updater. Since then he has been consistently making slow and steady improvements, continuing to climb higher and higher on the rankings until he seemed to kick his game into the next gear and really exploded to the top of the charts... he even managed to pull ahead of his friend Karl to become the best GE player in Australia, and 4th overall on the planet at the height of his career. He currently sits at 6th, though is always a threat for a WR-laden comeback. He was also the LTK champ for a really long time, and was one of the first to beat all 20 levels. Vote Moore!

Click for full size 2. Randy Buikema
PD Rank: 7th (27th Proven)
GE Rank: 9th (19th Proven)
Other games: CS
Last Year: #3 seed, PD Division
- Defeated Vinze, Greg K.; Defeated by Paragon

"Dual Champion"
There has never been another like Disco, and I doubt the Elite will ever see one again. Yes, I think he will always remain the only man in History to hold the title of Dual Champion. Impossible as it seems, he was ranked in first place at both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, at the same time. He was able to accomplish this using a slow and steady rise in PD, combined with an incredible race to the top of the GE world. The two former champs (Wouter and Paragon) soon returned to knock him off both perches, and Randy moved on to retirement a few months after. However, last last last summer's Big PD Whoard put him right back out in front, as amazing times like :15 Chicago A were enough to keep him the Champ for over 100 days. Since that time, Disco has been devoting himself almost entirely to Counter-Strike, becoming one of the CS players around (what else would you expect?). A vote for Disco is a vote for a man who single-handedly rewrote History.

Click for full size 15. drag
PD Rank: 189th
GE Rank: 163rd
Other games: MK64 (almost past Ngamer now), TWINE, TSFP
Last Year: New Contestant!

Over the past few months, drag has been a mainstay of The Elite Chatroom, always one to inspire great conversation and participate in all the fun antics. He's currently making a name for himself in Mario Kart 64, where he's quickly improving and will soon be better than Ngamer. For real. He's also old or something, like gradumamamated from college and stuff. While he's been a member of The Elite for 3 years now, he's still not very well known, but those that do interact with him will tell you that he's just a great guy, as cool as they come, and way way better than Ngamer at everything. Especially Kart. Vote Drag!


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