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Click for full size 1. Bryan Youse
PD Rank: 105th
GE Rank: 45th (60th Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: #2 seed, New School Division
- Defeated kats, QB, Food, Neo; Defeated by Ngamer

"The Human Humor Factory"
It was just about 34 months ago that captZEEbo packed up and headed off to college, leaving vacant the all-important position of Elite updater. Fortunately for us, his good friend Bryan Youse stepped up to fill those shoes, and has been doing a great job of running the site ever since. Many were surprised, perhaps even shocked, to see a player with only just over a year's experience in the Elite being entrusted with the community's most important job. That is, until they got to know him. Yes, Youse is an excellent player, a level-headed and fair judge of proof issues/legitimacy, and has shown a true dedication to getting updates in on time (when the Brazilians allow it, at least). As fine as all these traits are, they just don't get to the heart of the man's immense popularity... it is simply this: Youse is the best guy you'll ever meet. Anywhere. He is just insanely, drop-off-your-chair funny in nearly any situation, as displayed by everything from "get ready for a gRAPING!" to "tehl337h4xor Scandal" (a collaboration with Ngamer). With this man, no instant message conversation is left uninteresting, no message board posting left unhilarious. Truly, the man some call Yousey McYouse represents everything that is right about The Elite. His recent absence, along with technical problems have forced him to take a break from updating, and how that will effect his performance in this years contest is your decision! Vote Youse!

Click for full size 16. wishiwasfamous
PD Rank: 133rd
GE Rank: 37th (25th Proven)
Other games: TWINE, UT2004, Half Life, CS, TFC
Last Year: New Contestant!

"n00bius Maximus"
{His Version} One of the newest Eliters to grace the contest, wiwf joined in September 2003 and hasn't looked back since. One of the most active GE players, his n00b rivalry and strats at GE Strat Central have helped many of the new generation of Eliters. He also takes much pride in sending off replacement controller parts/games to Eliters all over the world. While his GE rank continues to rise, he just hasn't been able to brush off the label of "n00b". Perhaps this is because he never wants to be left out of anything, as shown by AFD 2005. Thomas is also actively involved in all our Fantasy Sports leagues, and spends a lot of time in The Elite Chatroom. A vote for wiwf is truly a vote for the new ilk of Eliters.

Click for full size 16. Fal
PD Rank: 174th
GE Rank: 195th
Other games: TS2, TS:FP
Last Year: New Contestant!

"Kills Kangaroos in His Sleep"
{His Version} Fal is a veteran member of the PDE, joining back in July 2001. While his PD and GE careers have never been too successful, he certainly has made a name for himself on the boards, where he spent a good bit of 2002 at war with Karl and other Aussies. After a brief layoff, he returned to the boards a bit older and wiser, though that didn't stop him from winning an AOTM award in July 2004. In the first contest, he was able to garner support for himself by campaigning, winning his play-in against fellow Brit Plum, and even getting 28 votes against future champion Derek Clark! His involvement in this contest will undoubtedly be just as strong, as he will be keeping track of prediction contest scores throughout the summer and has been one of the most active members of The Elite Chatroom. Outside of The Elite, he enjoys wrestling and the Doncaster Rovers (I think that's soccer, or something). Vote Fal!

Click for full size 8. Greg K.
PD Rank: 5th (9th Proven)
GE Rank: 33rd (55th Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: #6 seed, PD Division
- Defeated FB; Defeated by Randy

"Brazil's Finest"
Vitor displayed a kind of dedication rarely seen before in any Elite over the course of his 3 year career. After joining the PDE in January of 2002, he went on a PRing spree that seemed never to end, stretching on literally for months at a time, until he had eventually picked up at least a POM mention in an incredible 8 of 12 months of his first year. This consistent play certainly paid off, as it landed him in the Top 5 by year's end. He performed well again early in 2003, but then announced his official retirement from formal competition. His legacy certainly will not be forgotten, as he was not only a great player (his PD domination combined with a quick rise in the Goldeneye rankings have left him placed 5th at the Rare Ranks at his peak), but also one the the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Always helpful, always encouraging and inspiring, it has been a real joy to have him in the Elite, and we have all been pleased to see him remain active on the message boards even after retirement, even serving as a mod of the PD forum for quite awhile. The Brazilian vote always comes out strong in contests, will it be enough to push Greg K. to a win? Vote Vitor! Huahauahuahuah!

Click for full size 9. Sucram
PD Rank: 17th (43rd Proven)
GE Rank: 219th (42nd Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: #9 seed, PD Division
- Defeated Phil, Karl; Defeated by Shade

"zlol sdrawkcab eman sih daeR"
Sucram is one of the longest tenured members of the PDE, and surely one of the most respected and well liked of the old school. His rise to PD fame was one of the most consistent and impressive, capped off with the September 2001 POM and development of a new Defection PA strategy. But, what was his highest moment may also be his demise, in the eyes of many voters, as his incredible Defection WRs (0:37 SA, 1:23 PA) were recently rolled back after much debate about their legitimacy. His last contest run was notable, knocking off #1 seeded Karl, and losing to eventual Final Four contender Shade, but will the recent controversy lead to less votes? You decide! !marcuS etoV

Click for full size 5. Funky Buddha
PD Rank: 4th (6th Proven)
GE Rank: 20th (13th Proven)
Other games: Mario Kart 64
Last Year: #11 seed, PD Division
- Defeated by Greg K.

"The Aussie Upstart"
Funky Buddha is one of the most talented all around gamers ever to grace The Elite, as shown by his recent rise to PDs top 4, GEs top 20, and a bunch of King times in MK64 after playing for like.. a week. He is previously known for ownage in Deep Sea, and while those records are gone now, he's branched out to dominate other levels, especially Crash Site (1:16, 1:27, 2:00) and Attack Ship (2:14, 2:37, 3:15). Last year was overflowing with POM mentions and runner-ups, including winning the award in November, and 2005 looks to be much of the same. His consistent PRing and seemingly untying WRs with ease make him one of the most feared for those ranked ahead, as he's certainly shown himself to be championship material. GE has been much of the same, as his tying some uncommon WRs (0:56's on Archives) leaves us wondering just how good he really is. Last years contest was ended on a sour note for Greg, but this year will certainly be different, as his great accomplishments have not gone unnoticed, and unlike fellow Aussies YE, Cook, and Jobst, his reputation is not tarnished in the minds of any. There's nothing else to say except.. Vote FB!

Click for full size 12. failurewarning
PD Rank: 97th
GE Rank: Unranked
Other games: Blast Corps (1st), THPS4 (2nd), TS2 (13th), TSFP (5th), TKEP (300th)
Last Year: New Contestant!

"Scopes for Info"
{His Version} As one of the most popular and well known members of the NGC-Elites, fw has certainly made a name for himself throughout the world of speedrunning. His skills are great evidence of that as well, as one of the best TS2 players, and currently setting WRs left and right in TS:FP, where he has been a championship contender since the game was released. He's currently the holder of 18 WRs, and is one of the leading strat developers and writers for the game. He's also participated in just about everything Elite for the past year, and is one of the finest chatters around. While he may not be known by the older members, he's certainly a popular figure among the new school and has earned his way into this contest just by being such a great guy. He's also going to be a daddy later this year, and voting for him will help put food on the table for his baby. You don't want to starve babies, do you??? Vote F-Dub!

Click for full size 4. Karl Jobst
PD Rank: Unranked (4th Proven)
GE Rank: Unranked (17th Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: #1 seed, PD Division
- Defeated DarkLight; Defeated by Sucram

"The One and Only... Thank God"
Karl has been one of the most widely known and incredible gamers in The Elite since his arrival back in 1999. Aside from writing a great GE Fast Times Guide at GameFAQs, he went on to become one of the best players in the world, peaking at 2nd in Points and setting incredible WRs, including one that is still around now in 0:23 Runway SA, though it's been tied by many since its' conception in 2001. After burning out in GE, Karl focused on PD, where he completely blew away any competition to become the most dominant champion ever seen. His incredible rise would soon lead to a demise though, as his attitude became overpowering of his gaming skill, and he began making enemies at every step he took, mainly because he used the words "fuck" and "gay" about 200 times more than necessary in every post ever. He's also been known to "retire" many many times and claim to be leaving The Elite forever, just to return to either the boards or PD competition, and has set more WRs in retirement than anybody could even imagine. His grudges against The Elite (for what reasons, we're all still unsure of) soon became all out hatred, to the point of his requesting removal of his times and not wanting anything to do with anything Elite for the rest of his life. His presence in this contest shows just how big of a figurehead he was in his prime, though his popularity has waned and he was eliminated last year in a large upset because of all the anti-votes. Will Karl ever make a triumphant return to sane behaviour in The Elite? Will he even be able to make it out of the first round this year? Why is he so adament about calling everybody gay? Will his times ever be back on the ranks? I guess it's all just a big Mystery, Man.

Click for full size 13. PDO
PD Rank: 48th
GE Rank: Unranked
Other games:
Last Year: #12 seed, Old School Division
- Defeated by SamSim

"Coolest Cat in Canada"
PDO is from Canada, so that means he likes hockey a lot, and I think he plays or something. He's always been a popular Eliter, from his PD playing days to his Board Administrator days, and now as a CS player with fellow Eliters marsh, Breck, Cyber, and Disco. He's also a big follower of Fantasy Football and Baseball, and will surely remember to join our leagues next time to show us that Canadians actually do have lives outside of whale hunting and Michael Bolton concerts. He's had 2 tough matches in the prior contests, but put up a strong showing thanks to his backing of the Old School. Vote PDO! and get Karl eliminated early!

Click for full size 6. Peter Osterland
PD Rank: Unranked
GE Rank: 14th (14th Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: #7 seed, GE Division
- Defeated Harvey; Defeated by Wouter

{His Version} Peter has always been a popular fellow around The Elite, stemming first from his absolute ownage of Agent in GE, later into his chat popularity, and even now in his inactivity. He is and was one of the best Agent players ever, peaking at 3rd in Agent points (10th overall) and tying/untying many WRs including the most-likely-maxed 0:52 Surface 2 A and 0:26 Depot A. Last year, he became one of the more dominant First Vote competitors, along with becoming a great chatter and always one that you like seeing around. His activity has dwindled as of late, as he's been busy at Duke University where he swims a lot I guess, though he's planning a GE comeback all summer long, even starting it out with 1:03 Caverns A just last week. A vote for Peter is truly a vote for what The Elite is all about.

Click for full size 11. Axel Andersson
PD Rank: Unranked (48th Proven)
GE Rank: 26th (16th Proven)
Other games: CounterStrike
Last Year: New Contestant!

"Swedish Sensation"
{His Version} Axel "OB" Andersson has quickly become one of the staples of the Elite Chatroom over the past year, and his progress in GE has not gone unnoticed since he joined early in 2004. He's become one of the top Swedish players, and currently has the 3 "cake" WRs (Streets A 1:14, Depot A 0:26, Runway SA 0:23) along with many other impressive times for a newer member. One of the winners of the "Most Likely To Let You Know The Color Your SN Shows Up As On Their Monitor" award in last years l33t awards, his immense popularity in The Elite comes from being so gosh darn likeable, and bringing such monikers as "din mor", "Kjell", and "Arg som uti helvete". He's also taught me some Swedish, but not while eating Swedish Fish, since they don't have those in Sweden or something. Oh, and being from Sweden, he plays CS a lot, and apparently is good enough to make movies. Vote Axel or you are most definitely bög.

Click for full size 3. Your Eliteness
PD Rank: 1st (1st Proven)
GE Rank: 54th (23rd Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: #4 seed, PD Division
- Defeated KillerSim; Defeated by Shade

"The (current) God of PD"
{His Version} YE is the best Perfect Dark player on the planet today. His rise to the championship position and incredible defense of his crown make him one of the most respected and important individuals The Elite has ever seen. His list of accomplishments in the game is endless, and will only grow as he continues to dominate any and all competition. He's not only dominated his competition, but also the game itself, coming closer to maxing it with such incredible WRs as CI A 0:52, AF1 PA 1:27, Infil PA 1:48, and Escape PA 3:22. His record of proving has also been squeaky clean, along with any other questions towards his honesty or strats used. His contributions to The Elite have also played a major part in his popularity, as he's created about a billion pages/programs for people, and is currently the updater of the PD and GE ranks. His computer-savvy nature has allowed him to help countless people with PC issues, and apart from a few arguments/immature acts in his early years, he's been a respectable and unmatched personality in the community. As his latest (*cough*lamest*cough*) screen name says, "Vote YE"!

Click for full size 14. Nodjo
PD Rank: 219th
GE Rank: 57th (51st Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: New Contestant!

{His Version} Nodjo is one of the most worldly popular Eliters, as 2nd on the French GE Ranks and always one to participate in l33t events throughout the year, including his incredible feats in the last 2 No-Sleep-a-thons. He's won both that he has participated in, even chatting and keeping his cam on for most of the time. His presence in chat has not gone unnoticed either, as he's hugely popular with both Euros and non-Euros, even when he talks about soccer and French rap. His contribution to The Elite was one of the most important, as his donated servers helped host many vids during times when we were struggling for options. Nodjo is definitely one of the coolest guys in this contest, since he's met Shade (that instantly makes you cool) and is one of the scariest lower seeds in the entire bracket. Will he be able to play Cinderella and pull off the upset? Vote Nodjo!

Click for full size 7. Phil Hughes
PD Rank: 10th (26th Proven)
GE Rank: 155th
Other games:
Last Year: #8 seed, PD Division
- Defeated by Sucram

"Not Quite Everybody's PAL"
Though he may no longer be seated atop the PD Elite throne, Phil still takes great pride in the fact that no one in the Elite has been able to accomplish more with one single system than himself... except that many people have, but he doesn't bother acknowledging that. Phil's hard play throughout most of '01 and '02 allowed him to snap not only Paragon's 20 month stranglehold on the time championship... he was also able to pull ahead of Gorman in total points, despite being up against a significant PAL disadvantage! Yes, Phil had accomplished quite a lot in his first two years in the Elite, but since his retirement, has become a bit loopy, with many detailed, planned comebacks that never come through, and odd behaviour in the chatroom and on the boards saying how everyone on earth hates him and he's going to kill himself (or others). Recently, he's been tackling other games, and a few new PD records, though his lack of proof for some suspicious claims, and failure to follow up on his promises to get a capture card have forced many to disbelieve just about everything he says.

Click for full size 10. Wes McKinney
PD Rank: 107th (68th Proven)
GE Rank: 49th (39th Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: #8 seed, Old School Division
- Defeated Greneby, Defeated by Ngamer

"The Godfather of GE"
{His Version} Wes may very well be the reason that we are all here right now. Without him, The Elite Empire would not have grown to such enormous heights over the past 7 years. Though it was not Wes himself who started the earliest version of the World Goldeneye Rankings, he did take control of the rankings all the way back in 1998, and updated them (completely on his own... and completely by hand, if you can believe it) all the way until 2001. And he was no slouch at the game itself, either, becoming the younger (he climbed all the way into 2nd place, as a 13 year old) counterpart to the great Sterling Neblett for over two years, before Wouter's arrival. He was also the first to really take proving times seriously, as he was a vid-crazy player, always getting new files up when he could. He has withdrawn himself from the Elite in the past two years to throw himself into his studies, attending the highly prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Vote legend! Vote Wes!

Click for full size 2. Paragon
PD Rank: 8th (5th Proven)
GE Rank: 35th (20th Proven)
Other games: Mario Kart 64
Last Year: #2 seed, PD Division
- Defeated Fro, Dman, Randy; Defeated by Shade

"The Original God of Perfect Dark"
The Summer of '00 was wild, with the PD champion's spot being knocked about like some sort of tetherball. The following month, however, things really solidified: we had entered Paragon Time. The funny thing was, Paragon Time wasn't just solid, it seemed actually to be set in concrete, lasting just under two entire years! Yes, he was nearly unstoppable during this time, holding down the #1 position for an incredible 558 out of a possible 583 days. (577/579 in time!) It seemed that for him, the WRs came at will... had made even the two "greatest WRs of all time" (2:51 Invest PA and 1:52 Infil PA) look somewhat easy. And strats? Don't get me started on strats... We owe the Defection glitch entirely to this man, as well as Extraction's door opening, The Duel's Pause Trick, and about a billion other things. He is also the only man in history to hold every single PA record at one time. Yes, he's done it all in PD, but his skills certainly do not end there. Despite only a few month's (weeks?) effort, he managed to accomplish great things on the other top 2 rankings pages, peaking at 7th place in Goldeneye and 43rd (Elite B) in MK64. He did make a short PD comeback before Illinois 2002, but has mainly been devoting himself over the last year and half to mastering the Half-Life mod Team Fortress Classic. And, as you'd expect, master it he has, so much so that he is now actually a key member of the third-ranked clan in all of North America. How could you not vote in support of a career like this one?

Click for full size 15. Cyberwrath
PD Rank: 109th (54th Proven)
GE Rank: 91st
Other games: Lots of 'em.
Last Year: New Contestant!

"Mini Marshmallows are good too!"
Cyber has been a part of The Elite for a long time, and is most known for being marsh's special little helper in speedruns of games like Banjo Kazooie, Mario 64, and Donkey Kong Country 3, the latter which he has his own runs online for as well. He also plays CS or SC or Word Racer sometimes, and gets mad when you play music on Ventrilo. And he's silly and didn't want to post anything for himself. He's also quite famous for "SuperSk8r813 (9:58:53 PM): that was really gay" Vote Cyber!


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