The 2005 Elite Summer Contest

The Wild Side


Click for full size 1. Wouter Jansen
PD Rank: 40th (3rd Proven)
GE Rank: 2nd (2nd Proven)
Other games: TWINE, MK64, others probably
Last Year: #2 seed, GE Division
- Defeated Chan, Osterland; Defeated by Matthijs

"The Goldeneye God(dess)"
Wouter Jansen is Goldeneye. His career in the game is perhaps the greatest ever, and he is still considered by many to be the best GE player in the world, even if the ranks don't currently reflect that. There's good reason for that, as Wouter has been the champion of Goldeneye for longer than anybody else, only being dethroned by legends in their own right Buikema and Bosshardt. Wouter was the most dominant champion ever, and even as champ he still knocked seconds off already insane times. Keep this in mind, 20 of the 60 current GE world records were pioneered by Wouter, some dating as far back as 2001. His greatest achievement, and what many consider to be the greatest GE WR of all time, was untying Bunker 1 Agent, being the first and probably only to get 0:17. He has many other not-so-shabby times... like the longest lasting untied WR EVER in Depot 00A 0:51, ridiculous ownage in Aztec A 1:35, and the absolutely insane unfathomable Jungle 00A 0:58. Oh, and in case you were wondering about proof, that's no problem with this Dutchman. He proves everything. Many times. He was the first (and only?) to prove all 60 levels in GE and all 63 levels in PD. This guy has more vids than anyone else could dream of, and rightfully maintains the Proven Rankings for both GE and PD. Recently, he's been on a posting hiatus from the boards, but still continues to play both games, showing that his GE skills can transfer over to PD, as he's nabbed 3 untied WRs in the past few months. Just today, he untied one of his own great times in GE, with a 0:43 on Depot SA. If there's one thing that The Elite has learned from Wouter, it's that there are no limits when he is around. He has become an icon here, a name that is instantly associated with The Elite and Goldeneye. The amount of publicity his vids have brought is immeasurable, and with powerhouses Snap, Ngamer, and Clark out of the contest, he has to be a favourite to win it all this year. You decide! Vote Wouter!

Click for full size 16. Jason Whalls
PD Rank: Unranked
GE Rank: Unranked
Other games: MK64 (19th Non-SC, 10th SC), SMK (25th)
Last Year: New Contestant!

{His Version} Perhaps no other Karter has connected with The Elite quite like Jason Whalls has. He's never competed at GE or PD, but that doesn't stop the RAGE of popularity throughout the community. Broken controllers aside, Jason is one of the earliest and greatest Karters the site has ever seen. He's currently Legend A in both Non-SC and SC, something that only 5 other people have ever accomplished. He also had one of the first strategy pages for MK64 Time Trialing, among countless other contributions to the site, now serving as its Senior Vice President. Perhaps his strongest connection to The Elite has been the advent of Fake Chats (1 and 2) where his unique brand of humour and imagination has led to many laughs and inspired Elite versions by our very own Derek Clark. Oh, and he used to play Word Racer with us every night for a few months. Vote Whalls!

Click for full size 16. Kevin Booth
PD Rank: 307th
GE Rank: Unranked
Other games: MK64 (13th Non-SC, 11th SC), SMK (33rd)
Last Year: New Contestant!

"The Kart King.. erm.. GOD.. erm.. Legend.. erm.. (Web)Master"
{His Version} If one name has become synonymous with Mario Kart, it's Kevin Booth. In case you've been living in a cave for the past 8 years, Booth is the mastermind, creator, and CEO of His dedication and hard work to the Kart community set the standard (no pun intended, Kart folks) for speed running and time trialing sites all over the net. He's pretty damn good at the game too, currently ranked 13th with a Legend + rank. He's been the overall MK64 champion a record 5 times! All this from someone who says his gaming talents were "never that good". While his gaming career and involvement in the actual running of the Kart site have died down as of late, his legacy in the community is unmatched. His recent official retirement announcement shows just how much of an impact he's had on the lives of Karters, and vice versa. His friendly attitude and sense of humour have allowed him to garner such relationships with fellow racers, and he recently wrote the 3rd Fake Chat for the site. His GE and PD careers may have been brief, but there's no denying that Kevin has influenced what The Elite has become, and will continue to be one of the most important people between the two sites.

Click for full size 8. Quiet Bol
PD Rank: 58th (37th Proven)
GE Rank: Unranked
Other games: TS:FP (5th), TS2 (46th), Poker
Last Year: #10 seed, New School Division
- Defeated Tyler; Defeated by Youse

"The GOD of WAR!"
QB has been one of the most active chatters and contest participants since this whole thing started back in 2003, serving as a member of the Selection Committee for all 3 contests, imparting his knowledge, wisdom, and someone else's cousin on the eventual outcome. He hasn't been very active in Elite games lately, though quick rise to the high ranks earned him 2 POM mentions, and his domination of WAR! (0:26, 0:47, 0:58) was amazing in its time, and still very respectable. He's recently shown that he's still got the skills, climbing his way to 5th in TS:FP. Perhaps he's most known for his sports knowledge, as he's the 2 time champion of The Elite's Fantasy Football League, and has done well for himself in all pickem and fantasy leagues we've ever run. He also bets on sports, or used to, before he lost a lot or something. He plays poker a lot now, and will be earning his way into the 2006 World Series of Poker any day now.

Click for full size 9. Sterling Neblett
PD Rank: 153rd
GE Rank: 25th (42nd Proven)
Other games: Golf
Last Year: #6 seed, Old School Division
- Defeated Jones; Defeated by Expert

"The Original God of Goldeneye"
For an incredible three year span, the name "Sterling Neblett" was synonymous with Goldeneye. After knocking original champion Steven Zwartjes from the top of the charts the two had a good back and forth battle, but in the end Sterling came out the victor. He then went on the most amazing (and by far the longest) championship reign in Elite history. For those who didn't witness it, it was kind of like what Bryan is doing right now, or what Wouter did 2 years ago... only significantly better. His many video proofs and WR strategy guides (for those who were able to decipher them, at least) set the groundwork for nearly all the basic strategies still being employed in the Goldeneye world today. After having his streak ended by Wouter, Sterling briefly moved on to PD, where he set some nice early records before going inactive. He has since made a few minor GE comebacks, but has mainly been devoting his time to his real passion: golf, even appearing on ESPN2 during the Boston Distance Challenge a couple of years back.

Click for full size 5. Greg Woll
PD Rank: 60th
GE Rank: 18th (34th Proven)
Other games: F-Zero, Mario Tennis, F-Zero X
Last Year: #5 seed, GE Division
- Defeated JBC, Graham; Defeated by Clark

"The Factory"
{His Version} Greg is one of the longest-tenured members of The Elite, having gotten into the GE ranks on one of Wes' last updates back on GE Extreme. He has always been a top player, even reaching the rarefied air of the Top Ten earlier in his career. He's accomplished many great things in GE, including pulling a clean sweep of Egypt and grabbing the Aztec SA WR soon after Bosshardt's new strat discovery, but without a doubt he is best remembered for the incredible Streets SA run that gave birth to the so-called "Woll Factor"... an incredible 12(!) guard boosts on that run allowed him the grab the WR of 1:58. Lately, he has returned to Goldeneye, becoming a legitimate top ten contender again. He attends Ohio Northern University, as a Computer Engineering major, and in his free time, he likes learning how to play guitar and being better than Jimbo. Overall, he's one of The Elite's most popular personalities, and a snappy dresser to boot. Ousted by Clark last year, his return to GE glory could be his ticket to contest success this time around. OMFG! Vote Woll! LMFGAO!

Click for full size 12. Garrett Sellati
PD Rank: 108th
GE Rank: 21st (46th Proven)
Other games: GE LTK (1st)
Last Year: #8 seed, GE Division
- Defeated Moore; Defeated by Clark

"Old School Ownage"
Garrett has seemingly been around forever... from this tourney, only 2 (Sterling and Wes) have been members of The Elite for longer. Though that is impressive enough on its own, what is even more compelling is the fact that no one, anywhere, has remained more active over the course of the past 6+ years. In that time, he's barely lost a step in GE, staying competitive and in or around the top 20. He's also completely taken over the GE LTK Ranks, becoming the champion and currently holding 9 of the 20 WRs, with such mindblowing efforts as 2:14 Jungle LTK and 2:25 Aztec LTK (He's got vids of most of these, too!). Yes, he is a true GE legend, and has continued to churn out great new times even to this very day. A vote for Garrett is a vote for the oldest of the old school!

Click for full size 4. Jim Barrett
PD Rank: Unranked
GE Rank: 4th (4th Proven)
Other games:
Last Year: #6 seed, GE Division
- Defeated by Dirk

{His Version} Jimbo may have had the biggest turnaround in Elite history. He first made waves throughout the community many years ago, claiming records on GameFAQs and proclaiming himself the best GE player around. While it turned out he was lying, he decided to be persistent, cleaning up his act as far as gamesmanship goes, and playing GE more than everyone (sans a certain lesbian and alien) for the past 2 years. His rise to the Goldeneye podium has been nothing short of extraordinary, being one of the fastest to the top ten, and holding onto 3rd position for over a year! By proving all of his times, he has regained some respect from many people who knew him in his darker days. He's also one of the official US Proof Mods, and has made vids for the likes of GE greats Bosshardt, Hovis, and Sellati. Despite all of these great contributions, his past has still come back to haunt him, as he's often the butt of many jokes, including the infamous Sign Incident and FAGging. He has come to accept this beratement though, even after losing to Dirk in last years contest in one of the more surprising upsets in Elite contest history. His growing maturity may play a vital role in whether he can topple Olson this year, but there's only one way to find out. Vote Jimbo!

Click for full size 13. Dirk Olson
PD Rank: 35th
GE Rank: 29th
Other games:
Last Year: #11 seed, GE Division
- Defeated Jimbo; Defeated by Matthijs

"The Other Other Guy From Illinois"
{His Version} Dirk's GE and PD careers may be some of the most unchronicled around, as he's always seemed to be overshadowed by fellow Illionians Buikema and Lavery, but as his ranks show, he's definitely a force in the Rare games. An overall cool guy and member of Team Illinois, Dirk has remained popular even after some lengthy absences from competition and the boards. He's always a force to be reckoned with in NFL Pickem and Word Racer, and as last years contest showed, name recognition can go a long way. He defeated Jimbo in one of the biggest upsets ever, by a combination of his being awesome and Jim getting anti-vote'd. Whether he'll fare the same in the rematch is up to you! Vote Dirk!!! (or Charlie Parker)

Click for full size 6. Dman
PD Rank: 6th (20th Proven)
GE Rank: 52nd
Other games: Majora's Mask, Mario Tennis, NFSU2, Super Mario Sunshine
Last Year: #7 seed, PD Division
- Defeated Lec; Defeated by Paragon

"Dman of Dhour"
{His Version} Dman has been a staple of the PD ranks for as long as anyone can remember, and has always pushed himself to the limit to succeed. His numbers show just how successful he's been, reaching as high as 2nd in points, and holding nice untieds on CI, P2, and Crash Site. He was also the second person to get 0:33 on Defection Agent, before the glitch was found, showing just how much potential he had at the time. He's lived up to that over his long career, ranked 3rd in the POM Ranks having 16 notable months, including 6 straight before winning the POM in May 2002. He's also a mod of the PD forum, though he's been inactive as of late. He spends a lot of his time playing hockey, since he's Canadian and that's all they do. Vote Dman!

Click for full size 11. Bizichyld
PD Rank: 35th (27th Proven)
GE Rank: 92nd
Other games:
Last Year: #8 seed, New School Division
- Defeated by Neo

"Not a Lazy Adult"
Since his appearance in the first contest, Bizi has made a wonderful transition from awesome Perfect Dark player to one of General Chat's most prized gems. His PD career was definitely impressive, making a quick rise through the ranks and nabbing an untied of his own in 1:22 AF1 SA (the vid has GREAT music, too). While he's long since retired from active competition, he still stays around General Chat and The Elite Chatroom, and was always a legitimate contender for POTM awards. Bizi can always be counted on to say something quotable, and he's also a really nice, honest guy, who sent me $2 in the mail after losing a bet. Of course, in true Bizi fashion, he included a picture of The King of Pop with a note saying "This money has been molested, violated, and defiled by Michael Jackson. Enjoy!" I sure did, Biz, I sure did. Vote Bizi!

Click for full size 3. comeasur
PD Rank: 216th
GE Rank: 129th (39th Proven)
Other games: TKEP (4th), gasgames (1st), MK64 (right below Ngamer, or so)
Last Year: #4 seed, New School Division
- Defeated Nightcom, Trent; Defeated by Neo

"He Come, He See, He Conquering"
{His Version} Steve "comeasurus" Bryze has come a long way from the 16th seeded, "RAWR"-shouting newbie who was so handily dispatched by Ngamer in the first round of this Contest two years ago. Nowadays, Come is arguably one of the most world-famous of Eliters, thanks mainly to his domination of two online games over the past year+: TKEP and gasgames. He has also been making a similarly-impressive push in the world of Mario Kart 64 in recent months, showing that his skills extend far beyond the mere clicking a button. (Ok, ok, he does it incredibly fast and for hours at a time, but still.) Within the Elite, it's hard to say what Come is most famous for, as he's done too much for the community to record in so brief a format. Suffice it to say that, without Come, you very well might not be reading this right now... the Summer Contest was originally a Come Invention. He's also responsible for Poster of the Month, the 2000 Post Club, the AIM page, about a million Rivalries, and (most importantly of all, perhaps) every single Bio you're going to read this summer (well, not this one). I think it's safe to say that this gamer has more than redeemed himself for his 1:13 Streets blunder of a couple years back. If you agree, then you know what to do... Vote Come!
(Bio by Ngamer)

Click for full size 14. Andrew Kent
PD Rank: 34th
GE Rank: 42nd
Other games:
Last Year: New Contestant!

"The Cool Aussie That Isn't Neo"
Andrew "Vulpex" Kent has been one of the biggest contributors to The Elite in its history, yet seems to go unnoticed quite often. He's known for created the Subsidiary/Rivalry Page which links to every Elite page you never knew existed. He also keeps track of the GE/PD Speed Runs and has some pretty good times there himself. His GE and PD careers have been stellar, earning him 17th place on the always competitive Rare Ranks. His most recent claim to fame comes in the world of GE Dark LTK, where he's currently 5th overall, and has completed 8 of the 14 levels. He's also the mod of the oh-so-active N64HS forum on our boards, so I guess he works on those sites. I think he plays a lot of those games too. Vote Kent!

Click for full size 7. Mark Jones
PD Rank: Unranked
GE Rank: Unranked
Other games: MK64 (75th), MKDD, Probably the other MK games that no one's ever heard of
Last Year: #11 seed, Old School Division
- Defeated by Sterling

"The Original Cool"
{His Version} Mark "TOC" Jones has become somewhat of the ambassador of the Kart side between the Kart and Elite worlds. Though he doesn't play GE or PD, he's been one of the most consistently great posters on The Elite Boards over the past year or two. His resumé is definitely impressive as well, as the Webmaster of the MKDD site, Webmaster/designer of his own site (which he's used to host some Elite things), and one of the people responsible for the revamping of The Elite mainpage last fall. His ever-growing popularity is only helped by such amusements as golf ball bouncing, guitar playing, and um... losing weight?. Follow the TOC diet! Vote Jones!

Click for full size 10. Alex Penev
PD Rank: Unranked
GE Rank: Unranked
Other games: MK64 (10th Non-SC, 2nd SC), MKDD (29th), Mario 64, Some Zelda games, Too many others to name probably
Last Year: New Contestant!

"The Kart Phenom"
Alex is just one of those gamers you love to hate - pretty much every game he decides to play he ends up being one of, if not, the best players in the world at it. His Mario Kart career is beyond legendary, as non-SC champion from October 1998 to March 1999, and SC champion for a billion years or something. Alex was the Universal MK64 Champion for quite a long time, and tops the rankings on numerous other games including Super Mario 64 and several Zelda games. His Kart 64 skills easily transferred over to MKDD, as he was the champ for about 6 months. He's also an awesome programmer that built the entire MKDD site out of a paper clip and two bananas, or so I hear from his campfire stories. To put it bluntly, Alex knows much much more about computers than anybody else in the world. Except Charlie Parker. Vote Penev!

Click for full size 2. Shade
PD Rank: 71st (13th Proven)
GE Rank: 59th
Other games: MK64
Last Year: #5 seed, PD Division
- Defeated Wabs, YE, Sucram, Paragon; Defeated by Clark

"Canada's Finest"
{His Version} Shade joined The Elite in the summer of 2001 and quickly became a PD powerhouse, so much so that his times were doubted and he was removed from the rankings for a short period. Though controversy has never left him, he's been an amazingly consistent player over the last 4 years, even dethroning Karl for 1st place 2 years ago. He's been added/removed probably more than anybody else, but has also become a great provider of proof, both for himself and his close friend Lec. While PD may seem to be his best game, he's quite proud (and rightfully so) of his MK64 career. He's currently sitting at Legend B, after a spurt of GOD times in a recent comeback, and from what I hear, he's not done yet. While his gaming legacy is enough to convince anyone of his high standing in The Elite, he's also gained popularity through many other channels. He's one of the most active people in The Elite Chatroom, Mod of the PD forum, and very very sexy. He also drove 16 hours to get beat by me in GE multiplayer (though, we won't talk about the MK or PD matches). His popularity shined brightly in last years contest, defeating 2 PD champs and 2 of the more popular contestants before losing to the eventual champion in the Final Four. With Clark, Snap, and Ngamer out of the picture, this could be Shade's chance to take the crown. You decide! Vote Djie!

Click for full size 15. Fro
PD Rank: 118th
GE Rank: 195th
Other games: Monkey Ball
Last Year: #15 seed, PD Division
- Defeated by Paragon

"The Rapping Norwegian"
Fro is probably best known for scrapping his way into a 15 seeded position in all 3 contests. He is an extremely popular figure in The Elite Chatroom, though he's not very active on the boards or in the games. His claim to fame is the very cool Super Monkey Ball Site, which many Eliters have competed on or contributed to. He's also one of the coolest vote campaigners ever, with his patented Fro Raps, layin' down rhymes like Scandinavia has never seen, yo. He was the only Norwegian Eliter for awhile I think, which I guess is cool. Even as a 15 seed, he's garnered much support in the previous contests. Will it be the same this year? Vote Fro!


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