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They say no sequel can ever live up to the original. In 2004, with this Contest, I like to think we proved them wrong. It was another fantastic summer all around, with plenty of tight matches, even more surprises along the way, and the second consecutive incredible Championship match. Derek Clark went home the overall winner, taking the crown from defending co-champion Ngamer by a single vote. Competition was just as fierce in the Prediction Contest, where Trent Hovis took the gold by a slim one point margin. Meanwhile, Steve "Come" Bryze left no doubt as to who owned the fastest fingers in the league, as he dominated the standings in the nightly First Vote Competition.

Yes, a good time was had by all, and now is your chance to relive the Summer of '04 to the fullest. From the private Committee Chat that got it all started to the nail-biter of a Final, take some time to look back at the way things turned out. Well, that about wraps things up. We'll see you again next summer!