The Old School Division

Click for full size 1. Ngamer | Jon Barber
PD Rank: 73
GE Rank: 127
Last Year: #1 seed
- defeated Come, Breck, Wes, Zeebo, Clark
- tied Snap for Championship

"The Nicknamed One"
May of 1999 saw the birth of Jon Barber's GoldenEye competition days, and the simultaneous birth of a Living Legend. He was the first player in the PDE to ever put a times page online way back when. Besides essentially BIRTHING and nurturing the elite since Day 1, the big N has also tasted his fair share of success in the games. Peaking at 3rd place in points and 2nd in time in Perfect Dark (something very few people can claim), while managing a respectable 25th in GoldenEye, Barbie's talents cannot be overlooked. Easily the most dedicated, hardest working member of the Elite you'll ever find. Anywhere. Period. He does it all, nonstop. The big N has run the POM contest every month for... frickin'-a-while, dude... which is just one of the L337 things he maintains on the self-run history page, which also includes the Rare Rankings, The Greatest Topics of All-time, and many other things worth a responsible citizen of t-e.n's time. Programmed The Elite Quoter, the first and only video game based solely on our video gaming community (Whoda thunkit!) Also a member of the tag-team tandem with Youse who brought the controversial l337h4x0r scandal that rocked the Elite this April 1. Never one to show age, N is also a founding father of the NGC-Elites, showing he can hang with the new generation too. His involvement in the Summer Contest this year has also been incredible, typing up bios, making posts, and tallying votes nightly. The amount of lives this man has touched is of borderline-evangelical-speaker magnitude. A vote for Ngamer is a vote for the concrete foundation of the Elite itself, and a vote for a man whose tireless efforts have made the community the thousand-member beast it is today. Everyone else is NLamer! Huzzah! P.S. Ngamer coined the term "Whoarding" ::: P.P.S. (Don't believe these lies)

Click for full size 16. MLM | Chris Bohl
PD Rank: 44
GE Rank: 164
Last Year: #7 seed
- defeated by Vinze, Round One
"Mr. Nicknamed"
"Mr. Penguin," as they'd call him in France, has been one of the biggest names in the Elite for quite some time now... almost right from the start, in fact. He was about the 40th man into the PDE, and remained consistently active for longer than almost everyone, not putting down the controller until the end of the following summer. In all that time he maintained a steady ranking in the mid-teens, reaching a high point of 12th before his retirement. His best gaming accomplishment was undoubtedly his Crash Site trailblazing, as he set records there in both A and SA that went unbeaten for well over a year. However, MLM's real notoriety comes from what he did through the years on the message boards. He was actually the first non-Founding Father to be knighted into Mod-hood, but soon had his privileges revoked due to what has gone down in History only as "The Pie Incident." After that minor setback he went on to become a major General Chat Pioneer, posting more (and more intelligently) than nearly anyone else in the community. Though he has not been active in the past year, this old-school member still deserved your respect, and, possibly, your vote. And, honestly, who could say no to these little guys?

Click for full size 16. gamingguru | Steve Patterson
PD Rank: 63
GE Rank: Unranked
Last Year: #10 seed
- defeated by Greneby, Round One
"Nicky McNamed"
Ah, gg... Certainly one of the most distinctive and original personalities the Elite has ever had the pleasure of coming across. He started out as a promising young newb in the VERY early days of the PDE, beginning his career by creating the worst topic title ever (and no, I'll never let him live that down). But he promised big things to come in PD, and they soon did, as he rose to 11th on the rankings. However, where he would really end up making his mark was on the boards, specifically the new "General Chat" board, which he was one of the first to ever post in, and soon became a true Pioneer of. His incredible post count, despite a decline in postings over the past year, is a real tribute to just how active he was in those days, constantly breathing new life into a relatively small and generally slow board. Always irrelevant, always funny (well... almost always), and always making references to male genitalia (he was, in many ways, the original Tyler Probert) gg is one of the Elite's true treasures. A vote for him is a vote for the "golden days" of General.

Click for full size 8. Wes McKinney
PD Rank: 94
GE Rank: 41
Last Year: #4 seed
- defeated Wabs, Phil
- defeated by Ngamer in Sweet 16

"Nickname Goes Here"
Though it was not Wes himself who started the earliest version of the World Goldeneye Rankings, he did take control of the rankings all the way back in 1998, and updated them (completely on his own... and completely by hand, if you can believe it) all the way until 2001. And he was no slouch at the game itself, either, becoming the younger (he climbed all the way into 2nd place, as a 13 year old) counterpart to the great Sterling Neblett for over two years, before Wouter's arrival. He has withdrawn himself from the Elite in the past two years to throw himself into his studies, and it has really paid off, as Wes will be attending the highly prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology this September. Vote legend! Vote Wes!

Click for full size 9. Tim Greneby
PD Rank: Removed
GE Rank: 9
Last Year: #7 seed
- defeated gamingguru
- defeated by Karl, Round Two

"Nickname Goes Here"
{His version} A long-time and well respected member of the Goldeneye community, Tim has never found himself very far from the top of the ranks, despite some rather long periods of inactivity. Always a class act and a great competitor (as his long-standing Caverns and Train 00 records proved), it came as a great shock to us to find that this former PD Champion had been slightly lowering his many of his early times. He had only done it in an attempt to compensate for the PAL elevator disadvantage (which he was the first in the Elite to notice), but nonetheless was removed from the rankings. His GE career, however, has remained both spotless and breath-taking, including his recent major comeback, in which he tied all kinds of tough new WRs. Outside of his gaming life, Tim is known as one of the best athletes in all of his native Sweden, including taking, like, 3rd nationally in the long jump, and 2nd in the decathlon. (Or something like that.) Good guy, good player, he'd be a good vote choice as well.

Click for full size 5. SamSim | Sam Hughes
PD Rank: 75
GE Rank: 173
Last Year: #3 seed
- defeated Lanky, Moore
- defeated by Paragon in Sweet 16

"Nickname Goes Here"
The preceding may have began life as a Radiohead song/suggested Elite motto, but I now believe it would be best put to use in describing this man himself. That is, if by "it" I meant "contributing mightily to the Elite community as a whole". And, as luck would have it, I do. Yes, Sam was not one of the PDE's earliest members, nor did he ever set the world rankings aflame (though he certainly accomplished some good things in his gaming career, including his famous :27 War A and his 3:01 Invest PA). Why, the high seed, then? Because there are few anywhere who have worked harder to make the Elite a better place. It began early with Defection for Dummies, then continued with The Shortcut, then came a million other things, right up until his most recent in PD: The Movie. But that's not all... Sam is one of the real bright spots on the boards as well, always making good suggestions and giving n00bs a break... and doing it all with the most "godly grammar" many have ever seen! Oh, and did I mention he runs a great webcomic? So in summary... you there! Vote Sam!

Click for full size 12. PerfectlyDarkOne (PDO) | Brian King
PD Rank: 45
GE Rank: Unranked
Last Year: #7 seed
- defeated Dirk
- defeated by Zeebo, Round Two

"Nickname Goes Here"
{His version} Bio bio bio bio!

Click for full size 4. captZEEbo | Greg Lavery
PD Rank: 18
GE Rank: 16
Last Year: #2 seed
- defeated Fro, PDO, Shade
- defeated by Ngamer in Elite 8

"Nickname Goes Here"
Bio bio bio bio!

Click for full size 13. octoinky | Phil McCanna
PD Rank: Removed
GE Rank: 172
Last Year: #10 seed
- defeated by Dman, Round One
"Nickname Goes Here"
{His version} Octo is best known for a bunch of things. Being one of the first 30 members of the PDE, causing just about the most uproar ever upon admitting to lying about his times, being by FAR the biggest poster in Elite history (he's already well beyond the 7000 mark, and only a handful have cracked 2000!), and, most recently, getting a video online to prove that he's without a doubt the most talented guitarist in the Elite. Eh, you know what? Make that California. And Octo vote is an old-school/GC Pioneer vote, all the way.

Click for full size 6. Sterling Neblett
PD Rank: 136
GE Rank: 20
Last Year: #4 seed
- defeated Dykstra
- defeated by Sucram, Round Two

"Nickname Goes Here"
For an incredible three year span, the name "Sterling Neblett" was synonymous with Goldeneye. After knocking original champion Steven Zwartjes from the top of the charts the two had a good back and forth battle, but in the end Sterling came out the victor. He then went on the most amazing (and by far the longest) championship reign in Elite history. For those who didn't witness it, it was kind of like what Wouter is doing right now... only significantly better. His many video proofs and WR strategy guides (for those who were able to decipher them, at least) set the groundwork for nearly all the basic strategies still being employed in the Goldeneye world today. After having his streak ended by Wouter, Sterling briefly moved on to PD, where he set some nice early records before going inactive. He has since made a few minor GE comebacks, but has mainly been devoting his time to his real passion: golf. And, as the results of Boston's Distance Challenge prove, there's seemingly nothing this man can't accomplish once he sets his mind to it.

Click for full size 11. Mark Jones
PD Rank: Unranked
GE Rank: Unranked
Last Year: New Contestant
"Nickname Goes Here"
{His version} Bio bio bio bio!

Click for full size 3. ExpertGamer | Chris Rayola
PD Rank: 9
GE Rank: 32
Last Year: #3 seed
- defeated Southward
- defeated by Shade, Round Two

"Nickname Goes Here"
Bio bio bio bio!

Click for full size 14. Infiltrater
PD Rank: 43
GE Rank: 145
Last Year: #8 seed
- defeated by QB, Round One
"Nickname Goes Here"
Without a doubt one of the most talented, most intelligent members to ever grace the rankings of The Elite. Infil was one of the key members (one of the first 20, in fact) in the early days of the PDE, setting some truly insane WRs as well as being a major contributor of new strats, i.e. the Pause-Spin Trick (which allowed for :03 Duel A). He reached the peak of his PD career at 6th place back in 2001 before heading off to retirement. Fortunately for us, he has since remained fairly active on the boards, where he is still considered to be one of the community's most respected posters. His current passion is Dance Dance Revolution, which he has owned like no other in the past couple years. A vote for Infil is a vote for old-school blondes, and we all know that they are by far the coolest group around.

Click for full size 7. marshmallow | David Gibbons
PD Rank: 59
GE Rank: 74
Last Year: #4 seed
- defeated Darkmaster, Greg K.
- defeated by Snap in Sweet 16

"Nickname Goes Here"
One of the most famous personalities in the entirety of the Nintendo universe, it was our honor and privilege to count him a Founding Father of the PDE. marsh first rose to prominence all the way back in December of 1998, when his incredible Ocarina of Time walkthrough took the GameFAQs world by storm. He continued churning out great FAQs for top N64 games, quickly becoming the most popular writer on the entire site (he's a 6-time Contributor of the Month winner). It was his Goldeneye 00 guide that first got him involved with the Elite, and when PD rolled around he joined early and was soon dominating like nobody's business. He was the original PA master, grabbing all but a handful of WRs before finally being knocked from his perch by Paragon. They had good battles, but he retired soon after. He then moved on to the world of Starcraft, and later Counterstrike, becoming a top player in each. However, he has recently made a triumphant return to the Nintendo scene with Metroid Prime, becoming the very first to take the game to its limits by breaking the 3 hour mark in a full-game speed run. Also, he's quite hilarious, and always fun to be around. marsh = coolest guy ever.

Click for full size 10. Steven Zwartjes
PD Rank: 104
GE Rank: 34
Last Year: #5 seed
- defeated Posterland
- defeated by Matthijs, Round Two

"Nickname Goes Here"
A few years back, Zwartjes would have been a near unanimous choice had you asked people to name the best Nintendo player on the planet. Though everyone may not longer agree to that sentiment today, you could still put together a very good case for it. Steven was the original Goldeneye champion when the rankings were first created (all the way back in the pre-Wes era), and has continued to make comebacks through the past 6 years in order to maintain a good rank, as well as hold onto some insane WRs (ie his amazing, and controversial, Aztec times). He was also one of the first 20 members of the PDE, where he did very well to start before loosing interest in the game and slipping down the charts. But he as accomplished so much elsewhere, as well: he was the long-time champion of MK64 (now 4th), former champ of Star Fox 64 (2nd), PAL Wave Race king, and a bunch more, I'm sure. He's also competed well in Yoshi's Story, DK64, Ocarina, etc all. Plus, he won several Holland national championship N64 tournaments back in the day. A vote for Zwartjes is a vote for the oldest of the old-school, a true Nintendo legend, AND the guy with the coolest name ever.

Click for full size 2. SnapDragon | Derek Kisman
PD Rank: 36
GE Rank: Unranked
Last Year: #1 seed
- defeated Neo, QB, marsh, Bosshart, Wouter
- tied Ngamer for Championship

"Nickname Goes Here"
After the death of, Snap saved the 8 member PDE from extinction with his own auto-updater. This former Putnam fellow then proceeded to become the young Elite's champion for most of its first 6 months. After retirement, he went on to accomplish incredible feats in every other game he touched, including being the first to open Master Mode in Super Monkey Ball and inventing and completing the 3 Day Challenge in Majora's Mask. He also is/was the World Champion of the following games: Tetris Attack, Pokemon Puzzle League, F-Zero: MV, Yoshi's Story, Conker's BFD, Donkey Kong Country, and DKC2. Currently, he is letting the Ikaruga world know what it feels like to be laid to Snapination [see picture proof] by becoming the world's 5th best player after only two weeks of competition. Oh, and did I mention he finished 4th on the planet at last year's World Puzzle Championships? Cause he did.

Click for full size 15. Lanky | Arun Matharoo
PD Rank: 86
GE Rank: 140
Last Year: #14 seed
- defeated by Sam, Round One
"Nickname Goes Here"
Lanky has been with us almost since the very beginning, as about the 50th man into the Perfect Dark Elite. He took an early liking to the newly-created General Chat board upon his arrival, becoming one of the first to post regularly there. PD-wise, he slowly but surely worked his way up the rankings throughout his first few months in the league. It was then that he introduced something the Elite had never seen before... a "rivalry page"! Yes, his Chomping Chimps were the first rivalry in Elite history... hard to believe, as you can't scroll through more than a couple topics without hearing about one these days. CC helped launch many of its members to the top of the ranks, but in the end Lanky was happy to focus his attention mostly on one level: Investigation. His 1:30 A still stands as the WR there, actually. Since going inactive, Lanky has been concentrating much of his time on chess, which he has now become nearly unbeatable at. He's also remained quite active on the boards throughout the years. Plus, he's a key member of Team Wisconsin. (Go WI!) So cast a vote for the Lankster, eh?