The Perfect Dark Division

Click for full size 1. Sim Threat | Karl Jobst
PD Rank: 2
GE Rank: 10
Last Year: #2 seed
- defeated Makepeace, Greneby
- defeated by Bosshardt in Sweet 16

"The Nicknamed One"
{His version} He is The Phenom, The Master, without a doubt one of (if not the) most talented gamer to ever grace either of the Elites. Yes, he has been a top GE player ever since his arrival (as the highest-ranked new entrant ever, pre-Wouter) back in '99. He played hard after that, eventually climbing all the way up to the #2 position, before putting GE aside in favor of Perfect Dark. He was the PDE's 100th member, but never really got himself into the game hardcore... until the end of last year, that is. It was then that, in the words of one observer, "Karl did to PD in 6 weeks what Wouter did to GE in 6 years." Yes, he came out of that incredible run as not only the highest-ranked champion (points-wise) in PD history, but also as the undisputed champion of the Rare Ranks... a title that he still holds, even after a half year of retirement from serious competition. On a personal note, however, he thinks that you're gay. Gay, gay, gay, gay. Also, you may quite possibly be of the homosexual persuasion. In fact, the only way it would be humanly possible for you to get any gayer would be to not vote for him. Vote Karl!

Click for full size 16. DarkLight | Steve Foy
PD Rank: 20
GE Rank: 29
Last Year: #8 seed
- defeated Chan
- defeated by Clark, Round Two

"Mr. Nicknamed"
DL entered the Elite with some very good times... so good, in fact, that he was the first man ever to be required to provide video proof before being added. But send it he did, and DL soon became one of PD's top players. In fact, during Paragon's first big whoard, it was widely thought that DarkLight would be the man to grab the championship away from his during his inactivity... before Disco came in and blew everyone them both away. Yeah, he did great things in PD, then moved on and duplicated them in GE. Of special note are his still-amazing times in Caverns and Jungle (00, that is). Since going inactive in the Elite's he's done some good stuff on the GameCube, and some other stuff. He even recently made a nice little comeback for both games. Vote DL!

Click for full size 16. ChodhE | Claude Boucher
PD Rank: 16
GE Rank: 81
Last Year: #12 seed
- defeated by Sucram, Round One
"Nicky McNamed"
Do I smell a Bio?

Click for full size 8. Dark Avenger | Phil Hughes
PD Rank: 8
GE Rank: 147
Last Year: #5 seed
- defeated Carnksi
- defeated by Wes, Round Two

"Nickname Goes Here"
Though he may no longer be seated atop the PD Elite throne, Phil still takes great pride in the fact that no one in the Elite has been able to accomplish more with one single system than himself. (Except, possibly, for Shade, with his recent improvements... but let's focus on PAL for now.) And with good reason, as Phil's hard play throughout most of '01 and '02 allowed him to snap not only Paragon's 20 month stranglehold on the time championship... he was also able to pull ahead of Gorman in total points, despite being up against a significant PAL disadvantage! Yes, Phil has accomplished quite a lot in his two years in the Elite. But he also happens to be one of our more famous members outside of just our league as well, as Phil won himself the title of Best Nintendo Player in England just a few years back, in a national competition held by N64 magazine. (He beat hundreds of highly talented gamers to do it... including his competitor in his very first match, Carnski!) Though he hasn't been back to PD during this year, he has continued gaming actively, on the GameCube. A vote for DA is a vote for not only the 4th Time Champion, not only the PAL master, but also one of the most dedicated players the Elite ever saw.

Click for full size 9. Sucram | Marcus Dolejsi
PD Rank: 13
GE Rank: 102
Last Year: #5 seed
- defeated ChodhE, Sterling
- defeated by Wouter in Sweet 16

"Nickname Goes Here"
Bio bio bio bio!

Click for full size 5. Shade | Jean-François Dubreuil
PD Rank: Removed
GE Rank: 56
Last Year: #6 seed
- defeated DarkHawk, Expert
- defeated by Zeebo in Sweet 16

"Nickname Goes Here"
{His version} Bio bio bio bio!

Click for full size 12. Wabs | Fabien Malaval
PD Rank: 28
GE Rank: 77
Last Year: #13 seed
- defeated by Wes, Round One
"Nickname Goes Here"
Despite not being an official member of the t-e.n staff or a moderator, Wabs has managed to contribute more to the Elite than nearly anyone. In terms of getting new members to join, at the very least, I don't believe anyone can touch him. Yes, it was Wabs who started the highly-successful French Elite, getting nearly one hundred players from his country involved, most of whom ended up joining the World Elite soon afterwards. But he has also helped make useful advances in other areas, such as his invention of the door trick in CI Defense. He's had quite a few other PD accomplishments, including being only the 4th man into the 4 Minute Club, and hitting his peak just a tad out of the Top Ten, in 11th place. Since going inactive last year, Wabs has kept himself busy as a moderator over at NGC-Elites (where he's a very good TS2 player, as well). Wabs would make an excellent vote choice.

Click for full size 4. Your Eliteness | Ryan Dwyer
PD Rank: 1
GE Rank: 75
Last Year: New Contestant
"Nickname Goes Here"
{His version} Bio bio bio bio!

Click for full size 13. KillerSim | Travis Devlieger
PD Rank: 28
GE Rank: Unranked
Last Year: New Contestant
"Nickname Goes Here"
{His version} Bio bio bio bio!

Click for full size 6. Greg K. | Victor Miranda
PD Rank: 4
GE Rank: 31
Last Year: New Contestant
- defeated Iggy
- defeated by marsh, Round Two

"Nickname Goes Here"
Vitor displayed a kind of dedication rarely seen before in any Elite over the course of 2002. After joining the PDE in January he went on a PRing spree that seemed never to end, stretching on literally for months at a time, until he had eventually picked up at least a POM mention in an incredible 8 of 12 months. This consistent play certainly paid off, as it landed him in the Top 5 by year's end. He performed well again this January, but then announced his official retirement from formal competition. His legacy certainly will not be forgotten, as he was not only a great player (his PD domination combined with a quick rise in the Goldeneye rankings have left him placed 5th at the Rare Ranks), but also one the the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Always helpful, always encouraging and inspiring, it has been a real joy to have him in the Elite, and we have all been pleased to see him remain active on the message boards even after retirement. What a guy!

Click for full size 11. Funky Buddha | Greg Lewis
PD Rank: 23
GE Rank: 32
Last Year: New Contestant
"Nickname Goes Here"
Bio bio bio bio!

Click for full size 3. Discombobulator | Randy Buikema
PD Rank: 6
GE Rank: 7
Last Year: #2 seed
- defeated wheat, Vinze
- defeated by Youse in Sweet 16

"Nickname Goes Here"
There has never been another like Disco, and I doubt the Elite will ever see one again. Yes, I think he will always remain the only man in History to hold the title of Dual Champion. Impossible as it seems, he was ranked in first place at both Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, at the same time. He was able to accomplish this using a slow and steady rise in PD, combined with an incredible race to the top of the GE world. The two former champs (Wouter and Paragon) soon returned to knock him off both perches, and Randy moved on to retirement a few months after. However, last summer's Big PD Whoard put him right back out in front, as amazing times like :15 Chicago A were enough to keep him the Champ for over 100 days. Since that time, Disco has been devoting himself almost entirely to Counter-Strike, becoming one of the CS players around (what else would you expect?). A vote for Disco is a vote for a man who single-handedly rewrote History.

Click for full size 14. Goldenvinze | Vincent Rolin
PD Rank: 12
GE Rank: 26
Last Year: #10 seed
- defeated MLM
- defeated by Disco, Round Two

"Nickname Goes Here"
There can be no doubt as to Vinze's considerable gaming skills. As of just a few months ago he officially became the best overall Eliter (talking Rare Ranks here) in not only France, but actually the entirety of PAL Land. (PAL-only land, that is.) Yes, his solid play has pushed him nearly into GE's Top 20, as well as all the way into the hallowed ground of Perfect Dark's Top Ten. And, although he went inactive for a few months, he has recently begun a strong comeback which promises to vault him even further up the charts... perhaps even into the Rare Top 5? But Vinze has accomplished things outside strictly gaming as well, including being the first to start a PAL Elite, and making a page to calculate the top all-time POM winners. Yep, you couldn't go wrong with a vote for a guy like this.

Click for full size 7. Dman | Simon Archambault
PD Rank: 3
GE Rank: 49
Last Year: #7 seed
- defeated octo
- defeated by Paragon, Round Two

"Nickname Goes Here"
{His version} DMan is best known for sticking with Perfect Dark longer than anyone around. He played hard all last year, gradually climbing higher and higher up the ranks until finally hitting the very pinnacle of existence: PD's Top Three. Even more impressive, however, is how active he has stayed since then. Hardly a month has gone by in the past year in which DMan did not set or tie at least one World Record. Dedication like that deserves your respect... vote-wise.

Click for full size 10. Lec | Philippe Leclerc
PD Rank: 10
GE Rank: 67
Last Year: New Contestant
"Nickname Goes Here"
Bio bio bio bio!

Click for full size 2. Paragon | Ben Gorman
PD Rank: 7
GE Rank: 30
Last Year: #2 seed
- defeated Keefer, Dman, Sam
- defeated by Clark in Elite 8

"Nickname Goes Here"
The Summer of '00 was wild, with the PD champion's spot being knocked about like some sort of tetherball. The following month, however, things really solidified: we had entered Paragon Time. The funny thing was, Paragon Time wasn't just solid, it seemed actually to be set in concrete, lasting just under two entire years! Yes, he was nearly unstoppable during this time, holding down the #1 position for an incredible 558 out of a possible 583 days. (577/579 in time!) It seemed that for him, the WRs came at will... had made even the two "greatest WRs of all time" (2:51 Invest PA and 1:52 Infil PA) look somewhat easy. And strats? Don't get me started on strats... We owe the Defection glitch entirely to this man, as well as Extraction's door opening, The Duel's Pause Trick, and about a billion other things. He is also the only man in history to hold every single PA record at one time. Yes, he's done it all in PD, but his skills certainly do not end there. Despite only a few month's (weeks?) effort, he managed to accomplish great things on the other top 2 rankings pages, peaking at 7th place in Goldeneye and 43rd (Elite B) in MK64. He did make a short PD comeback before Illinois 2002, but has mainly been devoting himself over the last year and half to mastering the Half-Life mod Team Fortress Classic. And, as you'd expect, master it he has, so much so that he is now actually a key member of the third-ranked clan in all of North America. How could you not vote in support of a career like this one?

Click for full size 15. Fro | Frode Klow
PD Rank: 108
GE Rank: 192
Last Year: #15 seed
- defeated by Zeebo, Round One
"Nickname Goes Here"
Bio bio bio bio!